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Robert Blott and Susan Selbee

Robert BLOTT.
Robert BLOTT
Born (in 1580-S2)(in 1582-S1), in (Bedfordshire-S2), England. He was of Waltham, Essex, England.

It is possible that Robert Blott was the son of an earlier Robert Blott of Harrold. This older Robert Blott left a will dated 3 Jan 1609-1610 and proved on 18 April 1610. He was buried at Puddington on 14 Jan 1609/10 (FHL microfilm #1,066,945 item 3). He called himself a yeoman and memtioned his wife Elizabeth, eldest son William Blott, second son John Blott, third son Robert Blott, youngest son Thomas Blott (to receive land at age 24), daughter Elizabeth Sturdey, daughter Marye Dainetie, and daughters Alice Blott, Edith Blott [her name is given once in the will as Judith] and Joane Blott at their marriages. Also mentioned is land purchased of testator's [unnamed] father and brother John Blott. Executors: wife Elizabeth and son William; overseers: Thomas Wells, parson of Careleton [Carlton, co. Bedford], and brother Thomas Blott (Archdeaconry of Bedford, FHL film #088,020 item 1). (S2).

He married Susan SELBEE on 31 August 1609 at Harrold, Bedfordshire, England.

Daughter Mary was christened on 24 December 1609 at Harrold, Bedfordshire, England. (S1).

Robert Blott first appeared in Charlestown, Massachusetts in 1634; he apparently moved to Boston by 1642, if he is the "Thomas" Blott admitted an inhabitant there. (S2).

His will was dated 27 May 1662.

January 1861, Vol. 15, No. 1 "Abstracts from the Earliest Wills on Record in the County of Suffolk, Mass." p. 73y Last will and testament. I make Edward Ellis, my sonne in Law, Husband to Sarah, my Daughter, my Executor, and give unto him my House and the lot belonging thereunto, with all the appurtenances. Also my will is , that he pay my Daughters Children, whose names was Woodford of Conniticott, 3 (pounds). My will is that my sonne Edward Ellis, shall give to my dau. Tosiors children, 7 (pounds) and 3 bushells of wheate & two of Indyan Corne, besides, to her Eldest sonne, John Green, Cloth to make him a Coate. My will is that the said Edward shall give to my dau. Lovetts Children, of Braintree, 7 (pounds) and 3 bushells of wheate, and 2 bushells of Indyan, also to my sonne in Law, Danil Turins Children, 8 (pounds); - that my dau. Tosior, & my dau. Lovet shall have halfe the house hold stuffe equally Divided betweene them, and the other halfe to my dau. Ellis, also 3 bushells of Maulte to be Divided Between my three Daughters. Also to Daniel Lovett, my sonne in Law I give my Best Coate, in Witnesse whereof I have sett to my hand this 27th of the third Month called May 1602."thout Fraud or guile at or before twelve months after ye Death of my Father in Lawe.rsfied in my will on the other side I have through god's Favour & Patience lived to expend the Corne of several Kinds then given by Legacye, my will is therefore that the aforesaid Legacies so far as related to the Corne, Do Cease and Determine. Also my will is that Daniel Lovetts eldest sonne have a remnant of Clothe, that I have my mee, besides that Clothe before mentioned. And further my will is that sicknesse and & Funeral charges be paid for out of my Houshold stuffe, and the Rest to bee as before is said to bee Divided. Lastly my will is that whereas I have given my house and Ground unto my sonne Ellis, my meaning & will is herein only this, that it is for the good & Benefitt of my Dau. Sara & the children of my sonne Ellis by her During their Lives or the surviver of them; but my meaning is not that it shall at all goe from him otherwise then for their Benefitt, & thereby of him in them. I also make my sonne & dau. Ellis Executor of this my whole will & heer unto put my hand being through Favour of competent understanding & memorye.ker, Deposed.ker, William Parson, Theophilus Frarye.o,2, (S1).

He died on (1 March 1665)(between 27 March and 22 Aug. 1665-S2) at Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.

Susan SELBEE. (Susanna-S2)(Susannah).
Born (in 1586-S1)(about 1586-S2) in Essex County, England.

Susanna is said to have had a first husband named John Black, with whom she joined the church in Charlestown on 4 Jan 1634-1635. Black seems to have died rather early on for twice in Charlestown records, Robert Blott's name has been written against that of Black, indicating that he succeeded to Black's lands, perhaps by marrying Black's widow. The early disappearance of Black from all records, and the fact that the wife of both men was named Susanna, make this inference almost certain. (S2).

She is said to have married Robert BLOTT on 31 August 1609 at Harrold, Bedford, England. (S?).

She could not have married her second husband in England in 1609, and then be the wife of her first husband in New England in 1634. So it appears that either two families are being mixed together here; or Robert Blott was confused as being John Black. It is noted the sometimes Robert Blott has been confused as being Thomas Blott.

She died 20 January 1659 at Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.

CHILDREN of Robert BLOTT and Susan Selbee:
  1. Mary BLOTT. She married Thomas WOODFORD before 1639. She died on 7 March 1661.
  2. John Blott. Christened on 27 October 1611. John Blott son of Robert Blott was buried 21 September 1617.
  3. Elizabeth Blott. Born on 8 March 1612. Christend on 8 March 1613-1614. She married first a Green and second a Tosier. "It also makes it likely that we have identified the wife of Ralph Green of Boston and Malden. In his will, Robert Blott mentioned "my Daughter Tosiors children," including "her eldest sonne John Green." Jacobus suggests that her first husband may have been Ralph Green, "who had a son John b. at Boston, 22 Dec 1642, and a son b. at Malden, Jan 1653/4." Unfortunately, the birth record of the son John does not state the mother's name, but Clarence Almon Torrey's "New England Marriages", p. 322, gives her name as Elizabeth, in brackets". (S2).
  4. Ann Blott. Born on 12 January 1615. Christened on 12 January 1616-1617. There was also a child, Anna Blott, who was christened on 9 January 1624-1625 at Puddington.
  5. George Blott. Christened on 3 October 1619. George Blott son of Robert Blott was buried 22 October 1620.
  6. Joanna Blott. Christened on 1 October 1620. She married 1644-45 Daniel Lovett. She died on 18 June 1670.
  7. Robert Blott. Christened on 22 May 1623 at Puddington.
  8. Lydia Blott. Brn on 1 July 1627 at Puddington. She married before August 1646 Daniel Turin or Turell. She died on 23 June 1659.
  9. Sarah Blott. She was born (about 1631)(on 2 October 1631-S2). Christened on 2 October 1631 at Puddington. She married 1652 Edward Ellis. She died on 11 December 1711.


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