Humphrey de Bohun and Eleanor de Braose

Humphrey VI, de BOHUN.
Son of Humphrey de BOHUN and Maud de LUSIGNAN.

He married (1) Eleanor (Alianore) de BRAIOSE (Braose) in 1239. Eleanor died by 1246. He married (2) Joan de QUINCY. He was a very distinguished person among the rebellious barons, in the reign of King Henry III. In 1257 he was among those who assisted his father to keep the marches between Montgomery and the lands of the Earl of Gloucester, and in 1263 was ordered to join his father at Hereford to defend the lands and fortify the castles on the marches against Llewellyn. He joined the barons against the king, and on July 23, 1264 had custody of the castle of Winchester, which he was ordered to surrender on June 3, 1265. In the 47th year of that monarch he was excommunicated, with Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester, and others, for plundering various churches and committing sacrilege. He was afterwards one of the commanders at the battle of Lewes, where the king was made prisoner, and was constituted Governor of Goodrich and Winchester Castles. In the year following he commanded the infantry at the battle of Evesham, where he fell into the hands of the royalists, and was sent prisoner to Beeston Castle in Cheshire, where he soon afterwards, on 27 OCT 1265 at Beeston Castle in Cheshire, England; and was buried at Combermere Abbey.

WIFE (1):
Eleanor (Alianore) de BRAOSE (Braiose)
Daughter of Willaim "Black William" de Braose and Eve Marshall. Eleanor died by 1246.

  1. Humphrey de BOHUN. Humphrey de Bohun VII. was born circa 1249. He succeeded his grandfather as the 3rd Earl of Hereford and the 2nd Earl of Essex and Lord High Constable. He is said to have inherited the high and daring spirit of his predecessors, often strenuously opposed to the measures of the court, and was often therefore in disgrace, but he appears at the close of his career to have regained royal favor, for we find him attending the king into Scotland in 1298 when that monarch (Edward I.) obtained a great victory near Roxburgh. He married Maud de FIENNES, daughter of Ingelram (Enguerrand) de Fiennes, Seigneur de Fiennes in Guisnes, by _______, daughter of Jacques, Seigneur de Conte, Bailleul, and Moriammez in Hainault, and granddaughter of William de Fiennes, by Agnes de Dammartin, daughter of Alberic, Count of Dammartin. Simon de Dammartin, Count of Aumale, by his wife Marie, Countess of Ponthieu and Aumale, was father of Jeanne, Countess of Ponthieu and Aumale, who married King Ferdinand III. of Castile. Maud died before her husband and was buried at Walden. He was associated with Roger Bigod, Earl of Norfolk, and other barons in their opposition to what was considered to be unfair taxation by King Edward I. He died in Pleshey (Boroughbridge), in 1297, and was succeeded by his son, Humphrey.

WIFE (2):
Joan de QUINCY
Daughter of Robert de Quincy and Helen ferch Llewelyn



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