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Elisha Bourne and Patience Skiff

Elisha BOURNE. [PC T3-11].
Born in 1641 at Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts; son of Richard BOURNE and Bathsheba HALLETT.

He married Patience SKIFF on 26 October 1675. (S4).

They resided at Manomet, near where the Monument Depot was later located on the Cape Cod Railroad. He was made a Freeman in 1681. He was constable of Sandwich in 1683.

Voted to give back to Mr. Elisha Bourne and Mr. John Gifford one half the money they lately payed for not going out when impressed in his Majesty's service" (S?). "In 1690 liberty was granted Elisha Bourne and assoc. to build dam across the Manomet River for the purpose of setting up a forge or other works. He was a deputy from Sandwich to the last General Court held at Plymouth in 1691. In 1695 liberty was granted Elisha to set up a grist mill on the Herring River, provided the toll shall not exceed 2 qts per bushel. (S3).

His will was dated 9 June 1698. He died in 21 December 1706-1707 in Sandwich, Massachusetts. His will was proved 3 March 1707 at Sandwich, Massachusetts.

Patience SKIFF. (Pacience-S5). [PC T3-12].
Born 25 March 1652-1653 at Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts (S4); daughter of James SKIFFE and Mary (REEVES ?).

She married Elisha BOURNE on 26 October 1675. (S4).

She died 25 October 1715 at Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts.

CHILDREN of Elisha BOURNE and Patience SKIFF:
  1. Nathan Bourne was born on 31 Aug 1676 in Sandwich, Mass. and died in 1749 in Sandwich, Mass . Nathan married Mary Bassett in 1697/1698. Mary was born on 20 Oct 1676. She was the daughter of Colonel William Bassett III and Rachel Williston. Nathan - was the owner of Charming Betty the 1st packet between Boston and Sandwich in 1717.
  2. Elizabeth Bourne. Born on 28 March 1679 in Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts. (S4). Elizabeth married John Pope in 1699. John's brother Seth Pope, Jr. married her sister Hannah. Elizabeth died on 15 April 1715 in Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts.
  3. Mary Bourne was born on 4 Feb 1681/1682 in Sandwich, Mass. and died about 1738 . Mary married John Percival on 3 Jun 1703. John was born in 1680 in Sandwich, Mass.. He was the son of Sir James Pervical and Mary Rainsford. He died in 1738 .
  4. Abigail BOURNE. [PC T3]. Born 22 July 1684 in Sandwich, Massachusetts. She married William BASSETT on 3 February 1709 in Sandwich, Massachusetts. She died 15 February 1764.
  5. Catherine Bourne was born on 20 Dec 1686 in Sandwich, Mass..
  6. Bathsheba Bourne was born on 12 Dec 1687 in Sandwich, Mass. and died before 1763 . Bathsheba - married Micah Blackwell in 1715.
  7. Hannah Bourne. Born on 4 May 1689 in Sandwich, Massachsetts. Hannah married Seth Pope, Jr. in 1709/10. Her sister Elizabeth married John Pope, Seth's brother. Hannah died on 18 Mar 1744/1745 in Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts.
  8. Elisha Bourne was born on 27 Jul 1692 in Sandwich, Mass. and died on 10 Dec 1710/1711 in Sandwich, Massachusetts.