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James Bowen and Mary Hearle

James Bowen
Born in 1480 in Llwyngwair, Pembrokeshire, Wales; son of Owain Bowen and Jonet verch Llewelyn.

He was appointed by King Henry VIII as Commissioner of Revenue in 1516. He was commissioned to be auditor and attorney for the barony of Cemmaes, to take fines of tenants, punish offenders, and etc. It was the period of time when the Bowen family became seated at Llwyngwair. (S2).

He married (1) Jane Perrott. She died about 1518.

He married (2) Mary Hearle about 1518.

He died in 1539 in Llwyngwair, Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Mary Hearle. (Hale).
Born in 1480 in Breconshire (Brecknockshire), Wales; daughter of John Hearle and Margaret verch Thomas.

She died about 1539 in Wales. (S2).

CHILDREN of James Bowen and Mary Hearle:
  1. Agnes Bowen, b. 1591, England; md. Mr. Foreman.
  2. Sioned Janet Bowen, b. 1520, Wales; md. Mr. Morus.
  3. William Bowen, b. 1522, Wales.
  4. Lewis Bowen, b. 1523, Wales.
  5. Mathias Bowen. Born in 1524 in Llwyngwair, Pembrokeshire, Wales He married Mary Phylips (Philips) about 1548. Mathias Bowen was Sheriff of Pembroke in 1622. He died in 1629.
  6. Elizabeth Bowen, b. 1528, Wales.
  7. Alson Alice Bowen, b. 1530, Wales.
  8. Katrin Bowen, b. 1531, Wales.
  9. Jowan/Joanne Bowen, b. 1533, Wales.
  10. Nicklas/Nicholas Bowen, b. 1535, Wales.
  11. Jane Bowen, b. 1537, Wales.
  12. Marge/Margery Bowen, b. 1539, Wales.