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Richard Bowen and Ann

Richard BOWEN.
Born (about 1580)(in 1594-S4) at (Llwyngwaire, Pembroke, Wales-S2)(Ilston, Glamorgan, South Wales-S1)(perhaps in Glamorganshire, Wales-S4). He is said to be the son of James BOWEN and Eleanor GRIFFITH. (S?). However, The Americah Genealogist (S4, quoting TAG, Vol 76, 2001, pg 263ff) debunks what has been given as an elaborate ancestry going back several generations, and says this is a 19th century fabrication. (S4).

He married (1) (Ann-S5) (about 1614)(about 1621)(before 1622-S1) at Kettle Hill, Glamorganshire, Wales.

They emmigrated to New England about 1640. (S4).

His name first appears in Weymouth, Massachusetts in 1643-1643. He soon moved to Rehoboth, Massachusetts, and was a signer of the Rehoboth Compact in 1644. (S4).

His wife Ann died (about 1644-1648)(in 1646).

He married (2) Elizabeth (REY?), widow of George Marsh, in November 1648 at Weymoth, Massachusetts.

He died (before 4 February-S1)(on 14 February) 1674-1675 at Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts.
He was buried on 4 February 1674-1675 at Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts. He was likely buried in the Burial Hill Cemetery, but this has not been confirmed; however, this was the only burying place at that time. (S4).

WIFE (1):
Born about 1586 at Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales.
It is not certain that her name is Ann. One indication that Ann was her name is provided in an application for The Sons of the American Revolution that was filed in 1853. Another claim has been made that she was named in the ships record of their emmigration to New England in 1646, but this also is not clear.
She has been said to have the maiden name BORN (often changed to BOURNE), but a source for this has not been found. The Americah Genealogist article (S4, quoting TAG, Vol 76, 2001, pg 263ff) and says that her name was Anne Bourne is a fabrication. (S4).

She married Richard BOWEN (about 1614)(about 1621)(before 1622-S1) at Kettle Hill, Glamorganshire, Wales. She died in (1644-S1)(1646)(1648-S2) at Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts.

CHILDREN of Richard BOWEN and Ann BORN:
  1. Alice BOWEN. Born in 1620. She married Mr. Wheaton. She died in 1699. (S4).
  2. William BOWEN. Born in 1622. He died in 1687. (S4).
  3. Dr. Richard BOWEN , M.D. Born in 1623. He died in 1722. (S4).
  4. Sarah BOWEN. Born in 1624. She married Mr. Fuller. She died in 1676. (S4).
  5. Thomas BOWEN. Born in 1625 (S4) at (Swansea, Bristol County, Massachusetts-S2)(in Wales-S1). He married Elizabeth (BREWSTER) in 1663 in (Essex County-S3)(Plymouth, Plymouth County-S2), Massachusetts. He died (in 1658-S4)(in 1663) at Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.
  6. Obediah BOWEN. Born in 1627. He died in 1710. (S4).
  7. Ruth BOWEN. Born in 1629. She married Mr. Kendrick. She died in 1688. (S4).
  8. George BOWEN

WIFE (2):
Her maiden name is sometimes said to be Key, but this has not been substantiated. (S4).

Widow of George Marsh of Hingham, Massachusetts. S(4).

She married Richard Bowen in 1648 in Weymouth, Massachusetts.


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