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Thomas BOWEN

Thomas BOWEN.
Born in 1625 at (Swansea, Bristol County, Massachusetts-S3)(in Wales-S2); son of Richard BOWEN and Ann BORN.

He married Elizabeth in 1663 in (Essex County-S2)(Plymouth, Plymouth County-S3), Massachusetts.

He died in 1663 at Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.

Elizabeth Brewster.
Born in 1636 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.
She is said to be the daughter of:
1. Thomas BREWSTER [F7670]. She could fit here, but there is not enought information yet.
2. Jonathan BREWSTER and Lucretia OLDHAM. She does not seem to fit in this family.

She married Thomas BOWEN in 1663 in Essex County, Massachusetts. He seems to have died that same year.

She probably married (2) Rev. Samuel FULLER of Middleboro.

She died on 4 November 1713 at Swansea, Bristol County, Massachusetts.

CHILDREN of Thomas BOWEN and Elizabeth BREWSTER:
  1. Abijah BOWEN. Born 21 May 1663-4 in Massachusetts. She married Abiel WOOD on 10 December 1683 . She died on 21 May 1746 at Middleboro, Plymouth County, Massachusetts--or in Halifax, Massachusetts.


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