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Robert Boyd (II)

Robert Boyd. (II). (Robert, Dictus Boyt). [BOYD Family Chart].
Born (about 1225)(about 1230) in Noddsdale Water, Cunninghame, Ayrshire, Scotland; son of Robert Boyd (I).

In a charter of Sir John Erskine, of the lands of Halsheil (Halkhill), in 1262, he is designed Robertus de Boyd, miles. (S1).

He distinguished himself remarkably at the battle of Largs (Largis) on 2 October 1263, where king Alexander III obtained a glorious victory over Haco (Hakon) king of Norway over possession of the western islands of Scotland. For this good service, king Alexander rewarded him with a grant of several lands in Cunninghame, Aryshire. (S1,S2,S3).

He is known in history as the hero of Goldberry Hill where According to the History of Rowallane: “Acho or Haakon, King of Norway, landit at Air with 160 schips and 20,000 men to claim land promised by Macbeth to his predecessors but not yet handed over”. The Rowallan account identifies the islands of Arran, Bute and the two Cumbraes as the disputed land. During this battle Sir Robert Boyd of Noddsdale (near Largs) and his company of soldiers put the enemy to flight at Goldberry Hill, south of the main engagement, near Portincross. The battle was a complete victory for the Scots and as a result of this victory the word "Goldberry" was placed on the Boyd Arms in commemoration of his services. (S3).

He died about the year (1270-S1)(1290) Cunninghame, Ayrshire, Scotland.

He died between 1272 and 1290 and it could be that he died in 1290, when during the invasion and occupation of Scotland by the armies of Edward I, the English committed an atrocity in Ayr by hanging a number of Scottish nobles. Sir Robert Boyd, the hero of Goldberry Hill may have been amongst the murdered men along with members of the Wallace family. (S3).

CHILDREN of Robert Boyd (II):
  1. Robert Boyd (III). [BOYD Family Chart].


Robert Boyd (II). (Robert, Dictus Boyd).  The Hero of Goldberry Hill  (c1225-c1290)
Robert Boyd (III)  (1249 - c1300 or 1330).  
Robert Boyd of Kilmarnock, 1st Baron of Kilmarnock.  (c1285-1333)
Thomas Boyd of Kilmarnock, The Archer, 2nd Baron of Kilmarnock (1323-1365) 
Thomas Dominus Boyd, 3rd Baron of Kilmarnock (1360-1410) md  Alice G. Gifford
Thomas Boyd, 4th Baron of Kilmarnock  (c1385-1432) md Joanna Montgomery
Thomas Boyd, 5th Baron of Kilmarnock  (c1405-1439) md Isabell
Robert Boyd, 1st Lord Boyd of Kilmarnock (c1415-1482)  md Mariot Maxwell
Alexander Boyd, 3rd Baron of Boyd  (1452-1508)  md  Janet Colville   
       |                                                  |                                
Robert Boyd  (?-1557)   md  Helen Somerville     Margaret Boyd md  George Colquhoun            
         |                                                             |    
Robert Boyd (c1517-1590).  ----    md    ----    Margaret (Mariot) Colquhoun (c1525-1601) 
Agnes BOYD (1523-1574).  md  John Colquhoun, Lord of Luss (c1523-1574)   
Alexander Colquhoun  (1573-1636) md Margaret Helen Buchanan
John Colquhoun (1632-?) md Katherine Graham (miss Montrose)	
William Cahoon (Colquhoun) (1635-1675) md Deliverance Peck
Joseph Cahoon (1665-c 1710)  md  Elizabeth Scranton
Ebenezer Cahoon (1706-?) md  Mary Reynolds (step sister of Reynolds Cahoon)
William Cahoone (1733-1813)  md  Elizabeth Vaughan	
William Cahoon  (1765-1828) md  Mary Smith
Mary Cahoon (1810-?) md   David Elliott	
Peter Mack Elliott (1833-1885)  md   Charlotte Alvord
Harriett Louisa Elliott  (1860-1902) md   James Newberry Morris  
Eli Ray Morris (1892-1980) md Tina Matilda Kunzler	
LeGrand Elliott Morris (1916-2005) md Dorothea Berta Ernestine Kersten
Rodney Allen Morris and Deborah Lee Handy