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Robert Boyd, 1st Lord Boyd, and Mariot Maxwell

Robet Boyd. 1st Lord Boyd. [PC M3-17-2]. [BOYD Family Chart].
Son of Sir Thomas Boyd of Kilmarnock and Isabell .

Robert Boyd was knighted, and was created a Peer of Parliament (Lord Boyd) by James II of Scotland at some date between 1451 and 18 July 1454 (the date he took his seat in Parliament). In 1460 he was one of the Regents during the minority of James III. In 1464 he was one of the commissioners at York for a truce with Edward IV of England.

The date of creation of Boyd's title can be further narrowed to between 1451 and 15 June 1452. On the latter date, the King confirmed the charter of Robert Boyd, Lord of Kilmarnock and of Dalry, conveying one-third of the lands of Lynn in Dalry to Robert Boyd [indweller] of Lynn. Only three months earlier, Andrew Lynn in Dalry was described in another charter as Lord of that Ilk, meaning lord of a property of the same name as his family name.)

Lord Boyd conspired with his brother, Sir Alexander Boyd, and obtained possession of the young King's person in 1466 and was made by Act of Parliament sole Governor of the Realm; and Great Chamberlain for life, and Lord Justice General in 1467. Early in that year he procured the marriage of his eldest son, Thomas, (created Earl of Arran for that occasion) with Mary, elder sister of James III, which aroused the jealousy of the other nobles and made his eventual downfall inevitable since the King regarded the marriage as an unforgivable insult.

Lord Boyd obtained the cession of the Orkney Islands to Scotland, 8 September 1468, from Christian I, King of Norway, for whose daughter Margaret, he negotiated a marriage with James III. While absent for that purpose he and his son Thomas (the Earl of Arran) and his brother (and coadjutor) Sir Alexander Boyd, were attainted for high treason, whereby his peerage became forfeited. He was living Easter 1480/1, and died before October 1482, it is said, at Alnwick in Northumberland where he had fled in 1469.

James III's biographer sums Boyd up as an unscrupulous political gambler and an inveterate optimist. To forcibly assume guardianship of an underage King was, indeed, a familiar path to power in medieval Scotland, but it was also a dangerous path. Boyd underestimated the dangers, overestimated his support, and made the fatal mistake of marrying his son to the King's sister, an insult the King would not forgive.

Robert married Mariot (or Janet), daughter of Sir Robert Maxwell of Calderwood.

Robert Boyd, 1st Lord Boyd, died about 1482.

Mariot Maxwell. (Janet).
Daughter of Sir Robert Maxwell of Calderwood.

She died after 25 June 1472, apparently early in 1473.

CHILDREN of Robet Boyd, 1st Lord Boyd, and Mariot Maxwell:
  1. Thomas Boyd. Earl of Arran, was in Denmark when his father was overthrown. However, he fulfilled his mission, that of bringing the king's bride, Margaret, to Scotland, and then, warned by his wife, he escaped to the continent of Europe. He is mentioned very eulogistically in one of the Paston Letters, but practically nothing is known of his subsequent history.
  2. Alexander Boyd. [BOYD Family Chart]. He married Janet Colville. Alexander became head of the family after the death of James, the son of his elder brother Thomas.
  3. Archibald of Nariston, and afterwards in Bonshaw. Archibald is recorded as being of Nariston in 1472, but it appears that there was a question over his right to the property and he had lost possession by 1500. In 1502 Archibald and his wife Christian Mure had a lease of Bonschaw and Dririg. He was dead before 4 May 1507, when Christian Mure, his widow, and her sons, paid a year's rent on taking over the lease. She was living 28 January 1523. They appear to have had two sons and' three daughters.
  4. Elizabeth Boyd. . Born about 1458 at Kilmarnock, Aryshire, Scotland. She married Archibald Douglas (Bell the Cat), Fifth Earl of Angus. Elizabeth died on 21 February 1496 at Tantallon Castle, North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland.


Robert Boyd, 1st Lord Boyd of Kilmarnock (c1415-1482)  md Mariot Maxwell
Alexander Boyd, 3rd Baron of Boyd  (1452-1508)  md  Janet Colville   
       |                                                  |                                
Robert Boyd  (?-1557)   md  Helen Somerville     Margaret Boyd md  George Colquhoun            
         |                                                             |    
Robert Boyd (c1517-1590).  ----    md    ----    Margaret (Mariot) Colquhoun (c1525-1601) 
Agnes BOYD (1523-1574).  md  John Colquhoun, Lord of Luss (c1523-1574)   
Alexander Colquhoun  (1573-1636) md Margaret Helen Buchanan
John Colquhoun (1632-?) md Katherine Graham (miss Montrose)	
William Cahoon (Colquhoun) (1635-1675) md Deliverance Peck
Joseph Cahoon (1665-c 1710)  md  Elizabeth Scranton
Ebenezer Cahoon (1706-?) md  Mary Reynolds (step sister of Reynolds Cahoon)
William Cahoone (1733-1813)  md  Elizabeth Vaughan	
William Cahoon  (1765-1828) md  Mary Smith
Mary Cahoon (1810-?) md   David Elliott	
Peter Mack Elliott (1833-1885)  md   Charlotte Alvord
Harriett Louisa Elliott  (1860-1902) md   James Newberry Morris  
Eli Ray Morris (1892-1980) md Tina Matilda Kunzler	
LeGrand Elliott Morris (1916-2005) md Dorothea Berta Ernestine Kersten
Rodney Allen Morris and Deborah Lee Handy