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Thomas Brackett and Judith Ludwell

Thomas BRACKETT. [PC H3].
Born in (1718-S1)(1722-S8) in Amelia County, Virginia. (S2,S6).

There is an entry on the Virginia Rent Rolls as early as 1704 for a Thomas Brackit which could be Thomas's father. (S8,S24).

Some have his parents as John Brackett and Elizabeth Pickering of Greenland, Rockingham County, New Hampshire. (S1,S6). This connection is incorrect. None of the New England Brackett family seems to have ever left New Hampshire. Marriage date of parents was 24 December 1724. Their son Thomas was christened in 1727. This Thomas married Mary Robinson. He died 12 July 1753. (S20).

John Brackett, thought to be Thomasí brother, signed his will on 13 November 1784, which was probated in Henrico County. (S9).

Amelia County, Virginia was created by a legislative act in 1734 and 1735 from parts of Prince George and Brunswick counties. The County is named for Princess Amelia of Great Britain, daughter of King George II. Twice Amelia County was reduced in size to form newer counties; in 1754, Prince Edward County was formed from parts of Amelia County, and in 1789, Nottoway County was formed. (S19).

In 1736 William Johnson acquired land in Goochland County from Charles Bond. Since the deed lists William Johnson "of Middlesex" we know he did not come to live in Goochland. Although he probably made the trip to inspect his property in Goochland, it is a trip that would have taken several days sailing from Urbanna down the Rappahannock into the Chesapeake Bay and up the James River to Richmond where he most likely would have had to make the trip overland or by bateau another 30 or 40 miles since the river is only accessible to small boats or what later became known as "James River Bateau" from Richmond west through Goochland. Since he left this Goochland estate to his son William Jr. in his will, it is likely he sent William Jr. there to look after this estate shortly after obtaining ownership. The deed from Charles Bond to William Johnson is recorded in Goochland Deed Book 2, pages 193 and 194Ö Charles Bond and wife Mary to William Johnson of the County of Middlesex two hundred and fifty acres on the Little Byrd Creek. Witness: James George, Joseph Pace, Thomas Brackett. (S17).

BUT On page 195, after the Deed from Charles Bond to William Johnson of Middlesex we find:
Goochland County Circuit Court
Deed Book 2 page 195
Know all men by these presents that I Charles Bond of Goochland County am holden and firmly bounden unto William Johnson of Middlesex County in the Sum of Thirty Six pounds of lawfull money of Virginia to be paid unto the saide William Johnson his heirs Executors or administrators or assigns in the which payment well and truly to be made I bind myself my heirs Executors and administrators firmly by these presents sealed with my seal and dated the Eleventh day of February in the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and thirty five.
The condition of this present obligation is such that if the above bounden Charles Bond his heirs Executors Administrators or Assigns shall from time to time and at all times hereafter observe perform fulfill accomplish and keep all and singular the covenants grants articles and agreements which on his and their parts is and are to be performed helpt and observed mentioned and comprised ______ (?) indenture of Bargain and Sale and feofurent made or mentiouned to be made between the said Charles Bond and Mary his wife of the one part and the said William Johnson of the other part and bearing equal date with these presents according to the true Justeus and meaning of the same indenture thou this obligation to be void otherwise to remain in full force power and virtue. Signed Sealed and delivered in the presence of usÖ.
And Mary his wife Interlined before signed
James George
Joseph Pace
Thomas Bratkitt
At a Court held for Goochland County Aprill 20th 1736.
Charles Bond acknowledged this bond to be his act and deed and it was thereupon admitted to record. (S17).

Thomas Brackett bought land in Amelia County, VA in 1738. (S9).

He married Judith Ludwell in 1740 in Amelia County, Virginia. (S2,S4).

In 1740 Elizabeth Morton gave her children land in Amelia County. Richard Morton sold the land his mother gave him in 1740 to Thomas Brackett 19 April 1746. (S18).

Thomas Brackett is on the list of tithables in 1747 in Deep and Flatt Creeks in Amelia County, Virginia. (S15).

On 26 Sep 1751 Richard Moreton of Nottoway parish, county Amelia, to Thomas Moreton of parish Raleigh, County Amelia, for 10 pounds current money, [200 acres of Amelia County land - part of deed missing] and to John Moreton of parish Raleigh, county Amelia, 250 acres of land in Amelia County on south side of Appomattox River formerly in Prince George county adjoining land of John Moreton & Thomas Brackett. Signed: Richard Moreton [Amelia Co. Deed Bk. 4, pp. 163, 164] On 26 September 1751, deed Richard Morton to John Morton, Jr and deed Richard Morton to Thomas Morton ordered recorded. [Amelia County, VA Court Order Book 2 (1746-1751), p. 227]. (S3).

26 September 1751. Thomas & John Morton, Jr. of Amelia County to Thomas Brackett of Cumberland Co, for 265 pounds, 573 acres on south side Appomattox River joining Laxís old line & Brackettís land bought from Richard Morton, & adjoining William Archerís land bought from Edward Goode, Jr., & Hudson & Watsonís land, & Archerís land bought from Edward Goode, Sr., & down the river; part of said land patented to Thomas Morton in 1730, & part patented to Elizabeth Morton on May 25, 1734, part of which land was given by will to said Mortons (Thomas & John) & the other part conveyed by deed from Elizabeth Morton in 1734, with all due share of veins, mines & quarries discovered & not discovered, & the river waters & water courses therein contained, & with all houses, etc. Wits: (none listed). Possession obtained by Thomas Bracket on Sept. 6, 1751 & deed ordered recorded on Sept. 26, 1751. [Amelia County, VA Deeds, Volumes 4 (1747-1753), page 130]. (S3).

Thomas Bracket is on the 1769 Amelia County taxlist, with sons Benjamin and Thomas Junior. He holds six slaves, and has 910 acres. (S7).

The will of Thomas Brackett was written on 14 March 1772 in Amelia County, Virginia. His son in law, Bartholomew Stovall Jr. was named executor. (S4,S9).
In his will he names his wife Judith, his sons Ludwell, Benjamin, Thomas and Boyle; and his daughters Molly, Phebe and Nancy. (S4).

He died on (12 July 1753-S1. This was probably his father.)(28 May 1772-S1,S4,S6) in Amelia County, Virginia. (S1,S2).

His will was probated on 28 May in 1772. (S4)(Will Book 2, page 34.). Inventory was taken on 19 April 1772. (Thomas Brackett Estate Inventory, Will book number 2, pages 78-80. {REEL 29}. (S13).

Judith Ludwell. [PC H3]. Born in 1722 in Amelia County, Virginia; daughter of Phillip Ludwell and Hannah Harrison. (S27).

[NOTE: Amelia County was not formed until in 1735 from parts of Prince George and Brunswick counties. She died (in 1791)(on 9 January 1843-S2) in (Chesterfield County-S2)(Amelia County), Virginia. (S2).

  1. Sally BRACKETT. [PC H3]. Born (in 1742-S26)(in 1744-S1)(about 1754-S4) in Amelia County, Virginia. She married Bartholomew STOVALL III on 28 January 1762 in Amelia County, Virginia. Surety is Thomas Brackett. (S16,S30). She died about 1795.
  2. Ann Brackett. Born in 1744 in Amelia County, Virginia. (S1). Ann Brackett married Francis Baines on 27 August 1761. Surety is Thomas Brackett. (S16).
  3. Benjamin Brackett. Born (in 1748-S1)(on 10 May 1754-S6) in Amelia County, Virginia. (S1,S6). It is said (S4) that he supplied supplies for the Revolutionary army. At least two Benjamin Bracketts are confused together. Benjamin Brackett of Amelia County, Virginia is confused with Benjamin Brackett of North Carolina:

    Benjamin Brackett arrived by steamship in Charleston in 1768. He married Elizabeth Upton on 1 August 1773. (S23). He is probably the Benjamin Brackett who served in the Revolutionary War, for he was granted land which was normally given for military service.(S6). This land grant at the edge of Rutherford & Cleveland County.Casar NC. In 1774, this was part of "Old Tryon County". He died after the 1810 Census. (S23). It is said (S24) that this Benjamin (b.1770-d.1822)is the son of Benjamin Brackett and Ann Adkins. It appears to me that this is the correct connection of the Virginia Brackett family to the North Carolina family.

    The correct Benjamin Brackett married Ann Adkin about 1740. (S8). Benjamin Brackett died on 8 November 1791 in Amelia,Virginia. [Benjamin Brackett Will, Will book number 4 pages230-231 dated 23 Feb 1792. {REEL 30}. (S13).]. [Benjamin Brackett Estate Inventory, Will book number 4 pages 262-263 dated 22 Mar 1772. (1792?). {REEL 30}. (S13).].

  4. Boyle Brackett. (Burel?). Born in 1750 in Amelia County, Virginia. (S1). In 1797 he received a deed from his nephew, Jesse Stovall, of land in Powhatan County, Virginia. He died on 27 February 1801 in Amelia County, Virginia. (S1). Will dated 27 February 1801, probated 19 August 1801. (S14).
  5. Phebe Brackett. Born in 1755 in Amelia County, Virginia. (S1). She died on 2 October 1821 in Cumberland County, Virginia. (S1,S8).
  6. Nancy Brackett. Born in 1759 in Amelia County, Virginia. (S1). She married William Hopkins (Hobson) on 28 June 1777 in Amelia County, Virginia. (S10).
  7. Thomas Brackett. Born in 1759 in Amelia County, Virginia. (S1). He was of Cumberland County, Virginia. He died in 1800.
  8. Molly Brackett. Born in 1761 in Amelia County, Virginia. (S1).
  9. Ludwell Brackett. Born (about 1760-S4)(in 1763-S1) in Amelia County, Virginia. (S1,S4). He married Ann Elzabeth Cox, daughter of Henry Cox and Ann Harris, on 17 June 1783. (S4). His will was written on 6 September 1814. (S4). The death of Capt Ludwell Brackett on 21 December 1815 is recorded in the Amelia Enquirer/Richmond Virginia Newspaper Obituaries. (S12). His will was proved on 25 January 1816 in Cumberland County, Virginia. (S4).


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