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Christofel Bressie and Styutje Claes

Christofel Bressie. (Christopher)(Christophel)(Chrisophele)(Christoffel)(Bresie)(de Bressoc)(Brusie).
Born about 1660 in New York.

The family was originally French and their name was spelled de Bressoc. They were a large family and lived in France as Protestant Huguenots. There is a Brissac Chateau, in the town of Brissac, France, which may represent the early members of our family. It was built in 1455 by Pierre de Breze, minister to Charles VII and Louis XI. The castle was bought by Rene de Cosse, Count of Brissac, who was one of the leaders of the League, the Catholic party which supported the Guises in the 16th Century. In 1594, as Governor of Paris, he handed the keys of the city to Henry IV, who had just converted to the Roman Church and was encamped outside the city. In gratitude the king raised him to a dukedom. (S1).

The Huguenot revolt against the established Catholic Church began in 1520 when the people began to read the Bible for the first time. The Bible was printed in French and secretly circulated. It was then a capital offense to read the Bible as this was reserved exclusively for the Clergy who must in turn explain it to the parishioners. To read the Bible meant decapitation or burning at the stake and the prisoners property confiscated. However, when the people began to read the Bible for themselves they were shaken by the difference between the practices of the Church and doctrine expounded in the New Testament. Calvin fed the revolt by printing the Bibles in Switzerland and smuggling them into France. (S1).

Christophel (also recorded as Christophele) Brusie is mentioned in the Minutes of the Court of Albany, Rensselaerswyck and Schenectady for 1 March 1681 in relation to litigation between Omy La Grangie and Gerrit Teunise over the sale of a half-interest in a yacht that Gerrit Teunise said he had bought from Omy La Grangie for the claim of Christophel Brusie, who was to pay him 50 beavers over a term of five years. (S1).

On 11 March 1681/2, Christoffel Brusy (also notated as Christofle Brusy) was recorded leasing a farm from Jan van Loon. The farm was called Looneburgh and was located "behind the farm of Klinckenbergh" in Rensselaerswyck. The lessor was required to provide a house, barn and rick. The lease was to begin 1 April 1685 and run for six years, ending 1 April 1691. (S1).

Christopher Bresee married Styntje Claasz (aka Christina Claeszen). The place and date of their marriage are not recorded, but five of their children were born in Albany County, New York, before 1685. (S1).

Christopher and Christina first came to Albany County, New York. Later they moved to Ruephian Kill near Livingston Manor, Columbia Co., New York, on the Hudson River. (S1).

He died about 1725 in New York. (S1).

Styutje Claes. (Styntje Claasz) (Christina Claeszen)(Christina "Styntje, Christine" Claasz aka Niclaasz, Claesjens, Claeszen, Brussy, Brussi, Bresie).
Born about 1643 in Albany County, New York; possibly the daughter of Nicholas Klaussen

She probably died in Columbia County, New York. (S1).

CHILDREN of Christofel Bressie and Styutje Claes
  1. Jannetje Bressie. Born about 1672 in New York. She marreid Roelof Dutcher. She died on 26 July 1749 in Ulster County, New York. (S1).
  2. Andries Bresie.
  3. Nicholas Bresie.
  4. Claartje (Bressy) Vosburgh.
  5. Weinsam Bresie.