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Daniel Brewer and Joanna Morrill


Daniel BREWER.
Born in1596 in London, England.

He married Joanna MORRILL before 1623 in England.

Daniel Brewer and his family came to New England on the ship "The Lyon, William Peirce, Master, arriving Sept. 16, 1632 at Boston. They settled in Roxbury. (S?).

From S5:
September, 1632 The Lyon, from London, England, arrived at Boston, Massachusetts. The Lyon departed London June 22, 1632, with 123 passengers (including 50 children) and arrived at Boston September 16, 1632. "They had been twelve weeks aboard and eight weeks from 'Land's End'." (Winthrop's "Journal", I, 92). On the list is:
Daniel Brewer, bound for Roxbury
Mrs. Joanna Brewer
Daniel Brewer
Anne Brewer
Joanna Brewer
An also:
John Brewer, of Sussex, bound for Cambridge.
ISAAC MORRILL of Hatfield Broadoak, Essex. Bound for Roxbury.
Mrs. . . . Morrill
Sarah Morrill
Katherine Morrill
The record does not say if they are related.

From S6:
He " Daniel Brewer1 came in the ship Lyon from England in 1632. Governor John Winthrop recorded the arrival in Boston of the vessel Lyon piloted by its celebrated master William Peirce: "1632 Sept. 16 being the Lord's day. In the evening Mr. Peirce, in the ship Lyon, arrived and came to an anchor before Boston. He brought one hundred and twenty-three passengers whereof fifty children, all in health; and lost not one person by the way, save his carpenter, who fell over board as he was caulking a post. They had been twelve weeks aboard and eight weeks from Land's End. He had five days east wind and thick fog, so as he was forced to come, all that time, by the lead; and the first land he made was Cape Ann."

From S6:
Daniel Brewer took the oath of allegiance before leaving England and brought to America with him his wife Joanna and three older children. They soon joined the Roxbury church and May 14, 1634, Daniel was sworn a freeman. He had a home lot, an orchard and some 95 acres. Roxbury was described as a "faire and handsome countrey town, the inhabitants of it being all very rich." Later, "they have goodly fruit trees, fruitful fields and gardens, their heard of cows, oxen and other young cattell....their streets are large and some fayre houses yet they have built their house for church assembly destitute and unbeautiful.." Daniel did jury duty in December 1640, each jury member receiving one shilling. He was one of about sixty citizens who subscribed annually to the support of the Free Schools in Roxbury; the annual payment in 1645 was five shillings. A husbandman, Daniel, in his will dated January 12, 1646, named his wife executor and arranged that she have during her life "the use of the house, half of the barn and other outhouses, timber for repairs, firewood, a red steer, all the swine, three Cowes, sufficient hay, fresh and salt, for the keeping of three Cowes, and the plowing and soweing of the said home lott, etc." On March 28, 1646, "Brother Brewer dyed of an Ulcer in his longes which pced through into his bowels & emptyed thither to his great swelling and torment." His widow died February 7, 1689, aet 87.

From S7:
In this evolution of colonial events the objets is to establish the Morrill ancestry in the New World around the time of the great exodus of Puritans mentioned. Traced back to 1632, when two brothers, Abraham and Isaac Morrill, immigrated from England, June 22, arriving September 16. They sailed on the ship "Lion," sometimes spelled "Lyon," landing at Salem or Boston. The question has arisen, did Abraham come the same time, since only the name of Isaac appears "as taking the oath of passage before sailing." With Isaac came his wife Sarah and two daughters, Sarah and Catherine; their names also not appearing on the passenger list.

There is no doubt of the brothers arriving the same time, as they were known to be moving and co-operating always together in 1632. Both located on arrival at Cambridge, a new settlement, in 1631. Later Isaac went to Roxbury, and made his home. Abraham remained in Cambridge, received land there, and was a proprietor. His home was in sight of what is now known as Harvard Square, close to Harvard College. He moved to Salisbury in 1641, a distance of forty miles up the coast from Boston and Cambridge. In 1640-44-45 he received land in first divisions. In 1650 he was a commoner and taxed, only four rated higher that he.

Also their sister Joanna Brewer, wife of Daniel Brewer, mentioned as "friend of the brothers," came in the same ship, it is said, and they also settled in Roxbury. Joanna was born in Somersetshire, 1601; would place her as a much younger sister, and age about 31 years, and Isaac, born in 1588, about 44 years of age on landing in America. To determine the age of Abraham, two to four years usually between ages of children, would credit him possibly as 40 years of age on landing. Their deaths occurring within six months of one another, would seem they were not far apart in age, and that the "alloted span of life" had closed upon both nearly of age.

Isaac, referred to as Welshman, suggests Wales as birthplace. Somersetshire, Devonshire, places identified with the Morrills, are near Wales.

Whittier in his poem to Quaker Morrison, makes the latter say, (speaking of Abraham):
"Ensign Morrill and his son
See the wonders they have done."

Drake in his history of Roxbury, thus refers to Isaac Morrill and the Roxbury train-band, "Among the distinguishing traits of our ancestors was their attention to military affairs. Arms were a common possession. Those of Isaac Morrill of Roxbury, hung up in his parlor were, a musket, a fowling-piece, three swords, a pike, a half-pike, a corselet and two belts of bandoleers. All males between sixteen an sixty were required to be provided with arms and ammunition. The arms of private soldiers were pikes, muskets, and swords. The muskets had matchlocks or firelocks, and to each one there was a pair of bandoleers or pouches for powder and bullets, an a stick called a ‘rest’ for use in taking aim. The pikes were ten feet in length, besides the spear at the end. For defensive armor, corselets were worn, and coats quilted with cotton. The train-band had not less than sixty-four nor more than two hundred men and twice as many musketeers as pikemen, the latter being of superior stature. Its officers were a captain, lieutenant, ensign, and four sergeants. The commissioned officers carried swords, partisans, or leading staves, and sometimes pistols. The sergeants bore halberds. The flag of the colony bore the red cross of St. George in one corner, upon a white field, the pine-tree, the favorite emblem of New England, being in one corner of the four spaces formed by the cross. Company trainings were ordered at first every Saturday, then every month, then eight times a year. ‘The training to begin at one of the clock of the afternoon.’ The drum was their only music.

Daniel's will is dated Jan. 12, 1646 and names wife Johana and the following children: Daniel, Nathaniel, Ann, Joanna, Sarah. The N.E. Gen. Reg. thinks that Joanna is Hannah Brewer who married Capt. Thomas Chandler. (S4).

He died on March 28, 1646 in Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.

From Morrill Kindred in America: p. 21
Extract from will of Daniel Brewer of Roxbury, husbandman, 12, 1, 1645 - "I heartily intreat my loving brethren in Christ, Isaac Morrell and Edward Bridg to be overseers of this my last will." Daniel Brewer died March 28, 1646 "of and Ulcer in his longes wh. perced through into his bowels and emptyed thither to his great swelling & torment. (S8).

[F15687]. Joanna MORRILL.
Born in 1601-1602 in Somerset, England; sister of Isaac MORRILL and Abraham MORRILL. Isaac came to New England with her on the ship Lyon. Abraham is not listed as a passenger, but it is thought that he came on the same ship.

Source 9, speaking of her brother Isaac, says:
His English roots are still a matter of debate which Anderson deals with quite nicely: "Banks gives the origin of Isaac and Abraham Morrill as Hatfield Broadoak, Essex, without evidence. The presence of Isaac Morrill on the Lyon, and his settlement in Roxbury along with others of the Nazeing community, makes this a likely neighborhood, however[18]."

She married Daniel Brewer before 1623 in England.

She died on February 7, 1689 in Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.

CHILDREN of Thomas Brewer and Joanna Morrill:
  1. Daniel BREWER. Born in 1624 in Stortford, England. He married Hannah Morrill, daughter of Isaac Morrill and his first cousin, on November 6, 1652 at Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. He died on January 9, 1708 at Roxbury, Massachusetts.
  2. Sarah BREWER. Born on March 10, 1630 [1629?] at Roxbury, Massachusetts. She married John May on November 19, 1656 at Roxbury, Massachusetts. She died on March 4, 1670 at Roxbury, Massachusetts.
  3. Hannah BREWER. Born 25 OCT 1630 (1632-S4). She married (1) Thomas CHANDLER on 28 MAY 1659. She married Michael BOOTH in 1686. [But Thomas CHANDLER didn’t die until 1703]. She died 25 October 1717 at Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts.
  4. Joanna BREWER. Born in1631 in Stortford, England. She married Thomas CHANDLER in 1650.
  5. Ann BREWER. Born about 1632. She died on March 13, 1659 at Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
  6. Thomas BREWER. He married Elizabeth Graves on December 4, 1652 in Lynn, Massachusetts. He died March 23, 1698 at Hampton, New Hampshire.
  7. George BREWER. Died on March 28, 1646 in Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.
  8. Nathaniel BREWER. Born on May 11, 1635 in Roxbury, Massachusetts. He married (1) Elizabeth Kingsbury. She died by 1661. He married (2) Elizabeth RAND, daughter of Robert RAND and Alice SHARPE, on December 6, 1661 in Roxbury, Massachusetts. He died on February 26, 1694 in Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.



[F15686]. (Thomas ?) BREWER.
HUSBAND and WIFE b. ABT. 1600. (S2). Thomas BREWER was of Roxbury, Massachusetts. (S1). d. 23 MAR 1697/98 Hampton, Rockingham, NH. (S2).

Elizabeth GRAVES.

CHILDREN of Thomas BREWER [15686]:
[Note that most of the other children were born in Lynn. Hannah shows no connection with Lynn.]
  1. [7843]. Hannah BREWER. Born on 25 Oct 1630. She married Thomas CHANDLER about 1652 in Andover Essex MA. She died on 25 Oct 1717 in Andover Essex MA and was buried in Oct 1717 in Andover Essex MA.
  2. Christopher BREWER. b. ABT. 1636
  3. BREWER, Mary. b. ABT. 1640 Lynn, Essex, Mass. Marriage: 21 AUG 1656 William LANE.
  4. BREWER, Peter. b. ABT. 1644. Marriage: 25 NOV 1669 Haverhill, Essex, Mass. Spouse: LINFURTH, Elizabeth. d. 20 OCT 1708 Haverhill, Essex, Mass.
  5. BREWER, Thomas. b. 29 MAY 1658 Lynn, Essex, Mass. Marriage Sarah KEENEY on 13 JUL 1682. d. 8 OCT 1702 Glastonbury, Hartford, CT.
  6. BREWER, Chrispus. b. 1660 Lynn, Essex, Mass. d. 11 DEC 1706


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