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(Sir) John Brome and Beatrix Shirley

(Sir) John BROME. [Ancestors].
Born in 1410 in Baddesley Clinton, (Worchestershire-S1)( Warwickshire-S1,S3), England; son of John Brome and Joan Rodye. (S2,S3).

In 1450 John Brome (father of Nicholas) stated that John Brome, his father, and all his ancestors of tyme that no mynde remembereth had been peaceably possessed among other things in Warwick of a place called Bromesplace. (Edmond Hawes, page 73).

He served as under treasurer of England. (S3).

It is difficult to ascertain when this John Brome’s career ended and that of John Brome the younger (presumably his son) began. Certainly it was the latter who sat for Warwick in 1429, 1432 and 1433 (he being described as ‘junior’ on the returns), who took the oath not to maintain those who broke the peace in 1434, and also served on important commissions to raise loans for the Crown in 1436. And it was probably the younger John, too, who was described as ‘gentleman of Warwick’ in 1429 when he stood surety at the Exchequer, and who in 1432 obtained an Exchequer lease of the manor of Nuthurst (Warwickshire). The elder John Brome evidently died before 1436, when John Audley of Packwood (grandson of John’s wife Margery) released his rights to lands near Lapworth to John the younger. (S3).

He died in 1468. While assisting at Mass at the church of the White Friars in London, he was called out to the porch of the church and stabbed to death by John Herthill in a dispute over a mortgage; when offered payment earlier by Herthill, Brome had kept the land. In 1471 Nicholas Brome avenged his father by killing Herthill, for which crime he was ordered to find a priest to say mass daily for two years in the church of Baddesley Clinton for the souls of both victims, and to pay to the widow Elizabeth Herthill 33s. 4d.

He was buried on 5 November 1468 in White Friers Church. (S1,S3).

Lo! Here lies as dust the body of John Brome, a noble and learned man, skilled in the law of the Realm, a child of genius, witness the County of Warwick, who fell by the sword in this church, slain at the time of the mass by the hands of wicked men. He was buried in the tomb November 5, 1468. Kindly father, it is better for him to have eternal rest.

The White Friars (or Carmelites) priory or church was founded in 1241 and stood on the southside of Fleet Street east of the Temple in the ward of Farringdon Extra (or Without). It was twice rebuilt and was surrendered to the King Nov. 10, 1538. Before 1600 the site was built over. (Edmond Hawes, page 75)

Beatrice SHIRLEY. (Beatrice-S1)(Beatrix-S2,S3). [Ancestors].
Daughter of (Sir) Raph Sherley, of Sherley in Leicestershire, England. (S2).

She married John BROME.

  1. Nicholas Brome. Born (about 1440)(about 1450) in Baddesley Clinton, Warwickshire, England. Lord of the Manor of Baddesley Clinton. He married (1) Elizabeth Arundel. Date of Marriage Settlement is between 20 September 1473 November 1473 (limit fixed on the marriage settlement). On 29 November 1478, Nicholas Brome, Esq., appointed William Foster parson of the church, who resigned. On 16 January 1497-1498, he bought Kingswood, an estate on the border of Baddesley Clinton, partly in Lapworth and partly in Rowington parish. It came into the possession of his daughter, Isabella Marrow. In 1503 he was commissioner for Warwickshire for the levying of a tax. He died 10 October 1516. An inquisition post mortem on the estate of Nicholas Brome, Esq., was held at Warwick May 31, 1517. (Edmond Hawes, page 69, 83-85). He was buried in Baddesley Clinton, Warwickshire. In the south window of the chapel of the Guild of Knowle were the arms of Nicholas Brome and the words: Pray for the souls of Nicholas Brome, Esq., and Elizabeth his wife. In Baddesley Clinton "Under a large marble lying within the Church dore, at the very entrance, whereupon hath been a faire portraiture in brasse, of a man in armour, lyeth buried Nicholas Brome sometime lord of this Mannour. And under the next stone, lyeth Elizabeth, one of his daughters, wife to Thomas Hawe of Solihull." In the lower part of the east window of the Chancel " is the picture of the same Sir Edward [Ferrers], and the Lady Constance his wife, with Nicholas Brome Esquire her Father, all kneeling in their surcoats of Armes, before a Crucifix; the scroul from the lips of the said Sir Edward, having this written therein, scil. Amor meus Crucifixus est. In the same window towards the bottom is this inscription of later date: "Nicholas Brome, Esquier, Lord and owner of Badsley married Elizabeth daughter of Sir Rawfre Arundell of Eggleshole in the Countie of Cornwall Knight, Anno Dom. 1473. and died the Xth of October 1517. leaving issue Isabell and Constance, his two daughters, and lieth buried at this Church-dore." He is said (Ancestry.com family files) to have married (2) Lettice Catesby. He is said (ancestry.com family files) to have married (3) Katherine Lampecke.
  2. Agnes Brome.
  3. Elizabeth Brome.
  4. Isabell Brome. [Ancestors]. Born (about 1442) in Baddesley Clinton, Warwickshire, England. Robert John DENTON and Isabell BROME were married about 1470 in Baddesley Clinton, Worchestershire, England.
  5. Jocosa BROME. (S3).
  6. John BROME.
  7. Thomas BROME. Born about 1438 in Baddesley Clinton, Warwickshire, England. (S1). of Woodlow. (S3). He married Jane Midlemore. (S2).
  8. Jane Brome. (S2,S3). She married John Gregorie. (S2).


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