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John Brome and Joan Rodye

John BROME. [Ancestors].
Born in 1380 in Brome, Warwickshire, England; son of Robert Brome and Matilde de Stanley. (S1,S3).

He was a lawyer. (S3).

MP for Warwick in 1366, 1368 and 1384 (Nov.), and steward of the Warwickshire estates of the lord of the borough, Thomas, earl of Warwick, from before 1383 certainly until the earl’s arrest in July 1397 and perhaps longer. (S4).

Constituency Dates (S5):
• WARWICK. Sept. 1397
• WARWICK. ? 1401
• WARWICK. 1402
• WARWICK. 1406
• WARWICK. Apr. 1414
• WARWICK. 1426
• WARWICK. 1427
• WARWICK. 1431

Brome or Brown was descended from a family of tanners who lived in the suburbs of Warwick to the south of the Avon bridge in a house which long retained the name of ‘Brome’s Place’. Since the early 14th century the Bromes had owned property (later known as Broom Hall) at Lapworth, a few miles from Warwick, and John himself is known to have been in possession of land there by 1398. Some of his holdings may have come to him through marriage: when, in 1408, he and his second wife, Margery, made a settlement of lands in Lapworth, Henley-in-Arden and elsewhere in the neighbourhood, they stipulated that although after Margery’s death some of the properties should be used to endow a chantry in Lapworth parish church, the remainder should pass to her daughter, Elizabeth. By separate transactions in 1405 and 1414 Brome released to John Catesby and others his interest in certain holdings in Lapworth previously held by his father as a trustee. Brome may have been a lawyer like his father, although he is known to have had an interest in the local cloth industry. It is possible that he owed his first election to Parliament (in 1397) to his father’s position. (S4).

He married (1) Joan, daughter of Thomas Rodie of Baddesley.

John was a burgess of Warwick in 1407. (S1,S3).

Under sheriff, Warws. Nov. 1407-Aug. 1408; acting sheriff 8 Aug.-15 Nov. 1408. (S5).

He married (2) Margery, before 1408. (S4,S5).

He died (in 1435-S3)(about 1436-S4) in Warwickshire, England.

Joan RODYE. (Rodye-S1)(Rodie-S1)(Rody-S4). [Ancestors].
Daughter and heir of Thomas RODYE of Baddesley.

CHILDREN of John Brome and Joan Rodye:
  1. (Sir) John Brome. [Ancestors]. Born in (1410)(1420). He married Beatrice Shirley.
  2. William Brome. of Halton in Oxfordshire. (S2,S3). He had two sons. (S2).
  3. Joan Brome. She married Mr. Burdett. (S3).



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