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William Browne, of Surrey

William BROWNE.
Of Dorking, Surrey, England.

His son, Peter Browne, is said by some to have been in Leyden, Holland with the Separatists in 1608. This would mean that William must have been in Leyden also, and probably died there. Others say that Peter was not a separatist in Leyden. There is a Robert Browne who was a leader among the Puritans, but as far as we know, he is not related.

  1. Peter BROWNE. [Familytree]. He was christened on 26 January 1594-1595 at Dorking, Surrey, England. He was a passenger on the Mayflower in 1620. He married (1) Martha, widow FORD, between 1624 and 1626. The had two children. He married (2) Mary. They also had two children. He died in 1633.
  2. (CPT) John BROWNE. He was christened on 29 June 1600 in Dorking, Surrey, England. There is some confusion about when he arrived in New England, since there were other men with the name John Brown or Browne in Plymouth Colony. It is often said that he arrived about 1632. The book John Browne, Gentleman, of Plymouth (S3) clearly says that the John Brown who settled in Watertown was the one who came in the ship Lion with Captain Mason in 1632. This appears to be correct, since John Browne was obviously not there to assume the responsibility for his nieces when his brother Peter died in 1633, but he was there when they achieved their majority in 1644 and 1645. John, the brother of Peter, settled in Duxbury, just to the north of Plymouth, possibly attaining lands that Peter had held. Deed of William Allen To John Browne: " . . . being the one part of three of the land which appertained unto the Children of Peeter Browne brother unto John Browne aforsaid. He was admitted a freeman sometime after 1633, but the date is not specified. He was a weaver. John Brown is said to have married Phebe Harding on 26 March 1634. He lived in Duxbury. On 8 June 1650 he purchase one acre of land from Edmund Chandler. He wrote his will on 15 April 1672. On 13 August 1679 he bought 2 acres from Ephraim Tinkham, which he had by right of his wife Mary, daughter of Peter Browne. John died before 5 June 1684, when his will was probated. He had a daughter, Remember, who married Josiah Wormall about 1668.
  3. Samuel BROWNE. He was a weaver.
  4. James BROWNE. He was a weaver.


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