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Nathaniel Browning and Sarah Freeborn

Nathaniel Browning. (Nathan) (Brownell).
Born (about 1618-S1)(about 1625-S2,S3) in London, England (S1); son of Daniel Browning and Elizabeth Furness. (Daniel-S2) and (Elizabeth-S1)(Elizabeth Palmer-S2)(Elizabeth, widow Palmer-S2)(Elizabeth Furness, daughter of Reverend Ralph Furness-S2). Daniel Browning, a clothier, was from Maldon, in Essex, the same ancestral place for Nathaniel's eventual wife, Sarah Freeborn. (S2).

If he is the son of Mrs. Elizabeth (widow Palmer), he is her son by first husband Daniel Browning, the second son Nathaniel they had (the first dying in childhood). (S2,S3).

Assuming Nathaniel Browning of Rhode Island is the same Nathaniel (I am not certain the original source IDing him as the son of Mrs. Elizabeth Palmer), he would have been christened January 20, 1626 at St. Lawrence Jewry and St. Mary Magdalene, Milk Street, London, England. (S2,S3).

His parents appear to have been non-conformists, and the persecution that followed them was probably the inducing cause that led Nathaniel to embark for America soon after he came of age, or in the year 1640, when he was about twenty-two years old. (S1).

He landed in Boston, andfrom there went to Portsmouth, Rhode Island. (S1).

The first mention we have of Nathaniel Browning in the records of Rhode Iland is in 1645, when it is stated that he purchased a dwelling house and two lots in Warwick, for three pounds of wampum. The wampum consisted of strings of carefully selected shells, considered and used as money by the Indians. (S1).

He married Sarah Freeborn about 1650 (S1,S2,S3,S4) in Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island. (S2,S3,S4)

He was made a freeman in 1654. (S1).

He died about 1670 at Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island. (S1,S2,S3).

Sarah Freeborn.
Born about 1632 in Ipswich, Suffolk, England; daughter of William Freeborn and Mary Wilson. (S1,S4).

She died on 23 April 1670 in Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island. (S4).

CHILDREN of Nathaniel Browning and Sarah Freeborn:
  1. William Browning. Born about 1651 in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. He was a farmer, and lived at North Kingston, Rhode Island. He was made a freeman in 1684. He exchanged land in 1685. He married (1) Rebecca Wilbur in 1687. He married (2) Sarah. On 26 February 1688 he sold twenty acres to Robert Fisher. His will was dated 12 January 1730. He died in 1730. His will was proved on 8 February 1730.
  2. Jane Browning. She married Mr. Sweet.
  3. Sarah Brownng.
  4. Mary Browning. She married Mr. Manchester.
  5. Rebecca Browning.


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