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William de Bukeley and Alice de Vernon

William de Bulkeley. [CHART A20]
Born (about 1344-S2,S3)(in 1347-S1,S4,S5,S9), (in Nantwich-S2)(Bulkeley, Nantwich-S3)(of Cheadle -S1,S4,S5)(in Hotcroft, Cheadle-S10) , Cheshire, England; son of (Richard de Bulkeley-S1,S10)(Robert de Bulkeley and Agnes Chedle-S2,S4,S5)(Richard Bulkeley and Agnes Cheadle-S3,S6).

Sir Robert (Roger) de Chedle, lord of the manor died in 1321 leaving no male heirs. After his wife's (Matilda) death in 1326 the manor of Cheadle (worth 30 per annum at the time) was divided between his two daughters. The younger - Agnes (married to Richard de Bulkelegh) - inherited the northern part, their share became known as Cheadle Bulkeley (the later Cheadle). The estate passed on to Agnes' son William, then his son Richard. (S7).

He married Alice de Vernon. (S1,S2,S3,S4,S8).

He died in 1379. (S1,S6,S9,S10).

Alice de Vernon
Born (about 1344-S2,S3,S8)(in 1347-S5)(about 1350-S1), (of Dutton-S1)(of Whatcroft-S3,S8,S10), Cheshire, England; daughter of (Sir) Nicholas de Vernon and Joan Thornton Fitton (Fyton-S9). (S1,S9,S10).

She married William de Bulkeley. (S1,S2,S3,S4,S8).

She died (in 1386-S8,S9,S10)(after 1386-S1).

CHILDREN of William de Bukeley and Alice de Vernon:
  1. Richard de Bulkeley. Richard de Bulkeley. Born on 22 February (1368-S2,S5)(1369-S1)(1368-1369-S3) at (Macclesfield-S2)(Eaton Manor, Davenham-S1)(Cheadle-S3), Cheshire, England. He married Margery de Venables. (S1,S2). He died on 11 November 1391. (S1,S2).