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Isaac Bull and Mary

Isaac BULL.
Born 2 Apr 1653 in Donnington, Gloucestershire, England; son of Edward BULL and Elizabeth.

Isaac Bull was christened on 2 April 1653 at Donnington, Gloucestershire, England. {S8}.

NOTE: Mary Young, in her publication "Descendants of Josiah Bull Jr. (1738-1813) of Dutchess County, N.Y." on page 1, 5th line down states: "(Last paragraph) Isaac's first wife was Sarah Parker (per Bennington, VT Museum Library, by Phillip Ray of Barbertown, Ohio)." Source Five (S5) says: We believe that Mary Young was correct first time around in her Vol 1 where the first wife of Isaac Bull is listed as Mary, and that the correction of such in Vol 2 renaming first wife to Sarah Parker is in error. This has led to a lot of confusion between Isaac Bull of Boston, Massachusetts who did marry Sarah Parker, and our ancestor Isaac Bull of Newport, Rhode Island who did NOT marry Sarah Parker. Isaac Bull of Newport is also not related to Henry Bull, first Governor of Rhode Island, which is another oft repeated story.

An Indenture found in a Bible handed down to her descendants by Hannah Bull, youngest child of Isaac Bull, gives the most authoritative information. It was published in the Cleveland Herald on 17 October 1874, by Andrew Phillips, on the occasion of a Phillips family reunion. (Hannah Bull had married Daniel Phillips, a Quaker) and the copy of the indenture was followed by an explanation provided by a grandson of Hannah's. This indenture is dated September 29, 1668, and it apprenticed Isaac Bull 'sonne of Edward Bull of Donnington'.

Indenture of Isaac Bull
THE INDENTURE - Sept. 29, 1668

"This indenture witnesseth that ISAAC BULL, sonne of Edward Bull of Donnington,County of Gloucestershire, by and with the consent of said father has put hisselfe Apprentice to and with William Williams of STOW-ON-THE-WOLD, aforesaid carpenter, and after the manner of an apprentice, with him to tarry and dwell from the day of date unto the full end and for the full term of seven years from thence next and immediately following and ensueing fully to be complete, ended during all which term the sayd ISAAC BULL apprentice to and with the sayd WILLIAM WILLIAMS as his master well and faithfuly shall serve, his secrets shall keepe, his commandments lawful and honest everywhere shall doe; fornication in the house of said master, nor without, he shall not commit; hurt or damage to his said master he shall not doe, nor consent to be done to the value of____pds. by the years or above, but according to his power shall lett and hinder or thereof his master inform.

Taverns or Alehouses of Custom, he shall not haunt or freequent unless it be about his master's business here to be done. All dyce, cards or any other unlawful games he shall not play.

The goods of his said master Inordinately he shall not waste, nor them to anybodie lend without his master's lycense or consent.

Matrimonie with any woman during or within the sayd terme he shall not contract nor espouse nor from his service neither by day or by night shall absent himself as well in words as In deeds, - and sayd William Williams unto the sayd ISAAC BULL his sayd apprentice in the craft trade, mystery or occupation of a carpenter the which he usith after the best manner that he can or may shall show, teach, instruct and inform or cause to be showed, taught, instructed and Informed as much as thereunto belongeth or in any way appertanyeth, and in due manner chastise him, finding unto his sayd servant meate, drink, washing and lodging to an apprentice of such a trade, craft, mystery or occupation.

In witness thereof the sayd master and servant of these presents, Indentures interchangeable, their hands and seals have set, the twentyninth day of September in the twentieth day of the raine of our Sovraine Lord, King Charles the Second, Anno Domine 1668

MEMORANDUM: It Is concluded and agreed that the sayd William Williams he is to give his sayd servant one X (axe) and a Squire and a handsaw, foure Nogars, a paire of chysells, a gauge and a hamer and sayd ISAAC BULL is to have at the five years end three pounds a year.

Sealed and delivered In the presence of JOHN BULL. Frances Gardiner.

"The above indenture was written on parchment In Old English and translated verbatim and literatum except two words, the meaning of which I am not certain and I have left them as in the original which reached the eighth generation back from my brother's grandchildren at our reunion."

B. F. Phillips, (Grandson of Hannah Bull)

Andrew Phillips published the above In the Cleveland Herald, October 17, 1874., on occasion of a Phillips reunion.

Wills were found in county Gloucester - Edward Bull's at Donnington, 1697, and that of his brother John, of Longborough, County Glousester, in 1675. From Edward's will we learn that his wife's name was Elizabeth, and they had four children, of whom Isaac was the youngest. As Isaac was indentured probably at age 14 - the usual age - he was considered to have been born in 1654. His indenture would end in 1675.

Isaac was married in England to Mary (surname unknown). Their four children, all born in England, were: John, born 1677, married Mary Closson; Elizabeth, born 1679, married John Vaughn; Mary, born 1680 (died 4th of January 1725), married Henry Mowry; Rose, born 1682, married Francis Inman. The first knowledge we have of Isaac in the New World is in a land record in Worcester, Mass. In 1686, Isaac Bull, a carpenter, was granted land in Worcester and the same year he bought four additional lots. It seems safe to say that Isaac brought his family to the New World sometime between the date his father's will was proved (1682), and the date he was granted land in worcester (1686).

When he left Worcester is not known, but in 1696 Isaac Bull, housewright, of Newport, Rhode Island, bought 110 acres of land in the northern part of the town at Providence.

On 2 August 1700 he sold all but one acre. This sale was of 110 acres to Stephen Sly, for £35.

In 1704 he bought 1/4 of an acre in Rhode Island.

In 1706, Isaac Bull, millwright, brought 10 acres probably in Scituate, R.I., (one parcel of 7 acres and one of 3 acres, adjoining his homesite in Providence.)

1713, Jun. 16 Taxed 6s.

Isaac's first wife, Mary, died in 1713.

He married (2) Mary Walling, daughter of James Walling, on 2 March 1714 in Providence, Rhode Island.

Isaac made a will only twelve days before his death, which occurred on 5 January 1716 in Providence, Rhode Island.

1716, Jan. 5. Will --- proved 1716, Apr. 17. Exx’ [executor] wife Mary.
To her, all estate, both real and personal, for life. To son John, 20s. To daughters Elizabeth Vaughan, Mary Mowry and Rose Inman, 20s. each. To daughter Hannah Bull, after decease of wife, all the rest of estate, but if she have no heirs, then equally to four grandchildren, viz: Isaac Bull, Isaac Vaughan, Uriah Mowry and Aaron Inman. On back side of will, the declaration of Isaac Bull was made – that he was in no ways indebted to his children for any service done for him by them, and that he had made them an offer to look after him during his natural life, and then they should have his estate after him, but they had refused.
Inventory, cash £10, 15s, 8d, books £2, pewter, carpenter’s tools, cordwainer’s seat, spinning wheel, gun, hay, corn, oats, grindstone, 2 heifers, 2 yearlings, a swine, 9 sheep, mare, cost, &c.

His estate was probated on 17-Apr-1716 at Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island. {S8}.

WIFE (1):
They were married probably about the end of Issac's indenture in 1675 or 1676. She died in 1713.

CHILDREN of Isaac BULL and Mary:

WIFE (2):
Born in (1693-S2)(between 1695 and 1700-S2) of Smithfield, Providence County, Rhode Island; daughter of James WALLING. She married Issac BULL on 2 March 1714 in Providence, Rhode Island. She married (2) Joseph Cooke on 18 April 1719 in Providence, Rhode Island. She died probably in late 1724.

1725, Jan. 18. Mary Cook, widow and executrix of Isaac Bull, having of late deceased in testate and left committed to her by form husband Isaac Bull, to her care for his child, therefore it was ordered that James Walling, father of said deceased Mary Cook, take into his possession all estate he can find left by Isaac Bull, for his child, Hannah.