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[F16064]. Jehu BURR.
Born about 1600 in England. He married Miss CABLE [F16065] in 1624 at Roxbury, Suffolk County, England. They emigrated to New England with the Winthrop fleet in 1630 (S2), and became members of the Roxbury, Massachusetts church. He was made a freeman in Roxbury on 18 MAY 1631 (S2). In 1633 he served on a committee with William Pynchon, who was the Colony Treasurer (S2).

In SEP of 1635 , Pynchon and a few followers visited Agawam, an Indian village on the further bank of the Connecticut River. In MAY of 1636 they returned and settled there. (S2). The "leading spirits of the enterprise", only seven in number, included Pynchon, Henry Smith, his son-in-law, and "Goodman Jehu BURR, an illiterate member of the Roxbury church whose chief title to fame is through his descendant, Aaron". (S?) The incorporation agreement was dated 14 MAY 1636. Half of the meadow, now Hampden Park, was divided between Smith and Burr, the other half going to Pynchon. Jehu was appointed a Collector by the Connecticut Colony. (S2).

In JAN 1638 Jehu charged 18 pounds for thatching the ministers house. In April 1638 he was a deputy to the Connecticut Legislature2. He served jury duty on 14 November 1639 at Agawam (Springfield), Hampden County, Massachusetts. This entry reveals that he served on the Jury, hearing cases between John Woodcoke and John Cable and between William Pynchon and Thomas Merricks. In 1641 the name of Agawam was changed to Springfield. In September 1641 he was a deputy for Springfield to the Connecticut Legislature2. Soon after 1641 he moved to Fairfield, Connecticut2.

In September 1645 and April 1646 he was a deputy for Fairfield to the Connecticut Legislature2. He may have married a second time, as there seems to have been a connection to the family of Nathaniel Perry2.

There is some conjecture as to his death. It is said that he died by 1654, and perhaps even earlier2,4. There is also conjecture that he returned to England, as did Pynchon, turning over his land to his children. This is cast into doubt by the fact that there are references to his will, which must have been probated at and early date, but which has not been found2. It is also said that he died between 1670 and 1672 at Fairfield, Connecticut. A deed of his son Jehu, recorded in 1673 indicates that he did indeed die early, probably about 16572.

[F16065]. Miss CABLE.
She was probably the sister of John CABLE, Sr. (S2). She married possibly (1) STEDMAN. She married (2) Jehu BURR [F16064] in 1624 at Roxbury, Suffolk County, England.

CHILDREN of Jehu BURR [F16064] and Miss CABLE [F16065]:
  1. Jehu BURR. Born about 1625 in England. He married (1) after 1655 to Esther (Mary) WARD, widow of Joseph BOOSEY of Westchester, and perhaps the dau. of Andrew WARD. He was a deputy from Fairfield to Connecticut OCT 1659, OCT 1660, MAY 1661, MAY and OCT 1663. In 1664 he was a Commissioner for Fairfield, and served as such also from 1668 to 1687, and again from 1689 to 1692. He married (2) by 1666 Elizabeth PRUDDEN, daughter of Rev. Peter PRUDDEN and Joanna BOYSE, of Milford, Connecticut. He was again a deputy to Connecticut MAY and OCT 1668, MAY 1669, MAY and OCT 1670, MAY 1672, MAY and OCT 1673, MAY 1674, MAY and OCT 1675, MAY 1676, MAY 1678, OCT 1679, MAY and OCT 1680, MAY 1682, MAY 1683 TO MAY 1685, MAY 1686, and MAY 1691. On 17 FEB 1670-1 he had recorded a deed to a homelot adjoining his own homelot, of which he "hath had quiet possession above this sixteen years." On 12 JAN 1673-4 is entered a description of the same lot, signed by his brother John, from whom he had purchased it, apparently a ratification of the purchase. The next entry, on the same date, is Jehu's own homelot which he "hath by his father's will Jehu dec'd.", bounded by the lot bought from his brother John. In MAY 1673 he received a Colonial grant of 200 acres. In AUG 1673 he was a Lieutenant in the Fairfield County Troop. He was a member of the War Council in OCY 1675 and MAY 1676. He was a Commissioner for Indians in MAY 1680. His will was written 11 JAN 1689-90. He died probably in 1692, as his will was proved 31 OCT 1692.
  2. [F8032]. (Colonel) John BURR. Born before 1630 in England. He married Sarah FITCH [F8033] about 1672 . His will was written 19 MAR 1694. He died in OCT 1694.
  3. Nathaniel BURR. He was born probably by 1639. He married (1) after JUN 1659 to Sarah WARD. He married (2) Hannah GOODYEAR, widow of Samuel WAKEMAN. He was named an overseer of his brother Jehu's will. He died 26 FEB 1712.
  4. Daniel BURR. Born about 1642. His marriage (1) was recorded in FEB 1669 to Abigail BREWSTER. He married (2) on 11 DEC 1678 to Abigail GLOVER.
  5. Simon BURR.
  6. Elizabeth BURR. She married (1) Nehemiah OLMSTEAD. She married (2) Obadiah GILBERT. She married (3) in 1674 to (CPT) Nathaniel SEELEY.