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John Burr and Sarah Fitch

(Colonel) John BURR.
Said to have been born before 1630 (16331) in England; son of Jehu BURR and (miss) CABLE. He married Sarah FITCH about 1672, probably at Fairfield, Connecticut. In the records he is called both a Major and also a Colonel.

On 17 February 1670-1 his brother Jehu had recorded a deed to a home lot adjoining his own home lot, of which he "hath had quiet possession above this sixteen years." On 12 January 1673-4 is entered a description of the same lot, signed by John, from whom Jehu had purchased it, apparently a ratification of the purchase. The next entry, on the same date, is Jehu's own home lot which he "hath by his father's will Jehu dec'd.", bounded by the lot bought from his brother John. (S1).

John died in October 1694 at Fairfield, Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Sarah FITCH.
Daughter of Thomas FITCH and Anna STACEY. She was of Farifield, Connecticut. She married John BURR about 1672. She died before 1704.

CHILDREN of John BURR and Sarah FITCH:
  1. John BURR. Born 2 MAY 1673 in Fairfield, Fairfield County, Connecticut. He married about 1693 Elizabeth HANFORD. He died about NOV 1705.
  2. David BURR. He died young.
  3. Sarah BURR. Born 25 JUL 1675. She married 29 JUN 1692 to (Rev.) Charles CHAUNCY. She died “15 of” 1697-8.
  4. Seth BURR. Born 21 JUN 1677. He died young.
  5. Samuel BURR. Born 2 APR 1679. He married (1) 16 DEC 1700 to Dorothy THOMPSON, widow of Samuel SHOUE. He married (2) 19 JUN 1707 to Elizabeth JENNER. He died 7 AUG 1719.
  6. Jonathan BURR. He did not marry. He was said to have died in APR 1712, but an inventory of his estate was taken 4 JAN 1710-11.
  7. Joseph BURR. He died young.
  8. Deborah BURR. She married 24 MAR 1713-4 to Timothy TREADWELL.
  9. Ebenezer BURR. Born 7 FEB 1681. He died by about 1683.
  10. Mary BURR. Born 19 AUG 1683. She married about 1702 to John OSBORN. She died about 1717.
  11. Ebenezer BURR. Born 9 FEB 1684-5. He died young.


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