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Thomas Burton and Suzannah Hatcher

Thomas BURTON.
Born between 1634 and 1640 in England; son of Richard BURTON and Katherine CHRISTIAN. The name Burton is by origin a place name, signifying "burgtun" or "borough-town".

He came to America about 1652 with his brother, John. .
They both settled in Henrico County, Virginia. In 1656 they acquired the 350 acre plantation of "Cobbs" on the north bank of the Appomattox River and just to the west of the Bermuda Hundred tract. "Cobbs" was originally patented to Ambrose Cobbs of York County in 1639, and was located in a part of Henrico County which later became Chesterfield County.

The James River divided the families of Thomas Burton "Of Cobbs" and John Burton of "Longfield". Thomas and his descendants lived exclusively of the south side of the James in Bristol, and later, Dale Parishes. The territory was to form parts of Amelia and Prince George counties, and all of Chesterfield County.

He married Suzannah HATCHER between 1660 and 1665 (about 1663). He is also said to have married Susannah ALLEN, but this appears to be in error.

The existing records for Henrico County begin in 1677, and the first mention of Thomas is on the Tax List of 1679, called "An account of ye several fortye Tythables", which was authorized on 25 April 1679. His name appears between Richard Ligon and William Baugh, probably his closest neighbors.

On 1 February (JAN-S11) 1685 he divided his estate of "Cobbs" into four 100 acre parcels and deeded each of his four sons one parcel. This was probably a stipulation of his will, so he probably died in January 1685 or possibly even shortly before the turn of the year in 1684. He died at Bristol Parish, Henrico County, Virginia. His wife received letters of estate administration from the court on 1 Feb 1685. The inventory of his belongings was returned by the appraisers on 1 April 1686. No will has ever been located. His will was administered in 1689.

Suzannah HATCHER.
Born about 1646, of Henrico County, Virginia; daughter of William HATCHER and Mary WARD.

She married (1) Thomas BURTON between 1660 and 1665.

She married (2) John STEWARD or STEWART on 2 October 1686.

She died before 1736.

CHILDREN of Thomas BURTON and Suzannah HATCHER:
  1. Thomas BURTON Jr. Born about 1664. He married Elizabeth (Buchanan?). She married (2) John BUCHANAN. He died before 16 MAY 1692.
  2. John BURTON. Born in 1666. He married Elizabeth FOWLER. He died in 1734.
  3. Isaac BURTON. Born in 1667. He died in 1736.
  4. Abraham BURTON. Born in 1669 in Amelia County, Virginia. He married Ann FEATHERSTONE. He died in 1736.
  5. Ann BURTON. Born probably in 1671 (1675) in Henrico County, Virginia. She married Bartholomew STOVALL on 8 August 1693. She died before October 1725.


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