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Warin de Bussel and Amieria de Montgomery

Warin de Bussel. (Guerin le Chauve)(The Bald).

He is said to be the son of Roger de Busli (S1), but it is said (S2) that there is no connection between the Bussel family and the Busli or de Busli family. (S1,S2).

He came to England from Normandy with William the Conquerer. He married Amerin 1st cousin once removed of William the Conmquerer and neice of Roger de Montgomery. After the conquest in 1066, William granted tracts of lands to his trusted lords, lieutenants and noblemen. Roger de Montgomery a blood relation to William, was mde Earl of Chichester and Arundel. He was one of the greatest lords and had the earldomn of a large area of land between the rivers Mersey and Ribble in what became the county of Lancaster. By 1086 many of the lands held by Roger of Poitou had been foreited to Warin de Bussel. (S1).

He was (Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland Vol III) one of the barons of Roger de Poictou and held among his ample demenses the parish of Leland and was a considerable benefactor to the Abbey of Evesham Worcs to which he gave the Priory of Penwortham. (S1).

Amieria de Montgomery
daughter of Gislebert (Gilbert) de Montgomery.

CHILDREN of Warin de Bussel and Amieria de Montgomery
  1. Warin Bussel (II)