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Samuel BUSWELL and Sarah Keyes

[F1092a]. Samuel BUSWELL (BUZZELL).
Born (about 1628 in England)(in AUG 1628 in Liecestershire, England-S4)(on 17 AUG 1630 at Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts-S3); son of Isaac BUSWELL [F2184a] and Margaret [F2185a] of Salisbury, England. He married Sarah KEYES [F1093a] on 8 JUN (JUL-S4) 1656 at Salisbury, Massachusetts. He died 7 JUL 1704 at Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts.

[F1093a]. Sarah KEYES.
Born 26 MAY 1633 at Watertown, Massachusetts; daughter of Robert KEYES [F2186a] and Sarah [F2187a]. She married Samuel BUSWELL [F1092a] on 8 JUN 1656.

CHILDREN of Samuel BUSWELL [F1092a] and Sarah KEYES [F1093a]:
  1. Isaac BUSWELL.
  2. [F546a]. John BUSWELL. Born 7 OCT 1659 at Salisbury, Massachusetts. He married Elizabeth STILES [F547a] on 8 JUL 1700.
  3. Samuel BUSWELL.
  4. William BUSWELL.
  5. Robert BUSWELL.
  6. James BUSWELL. Born on 20 JAN 1667-1668 at Salisbury, Massachusetts
  7. Mary BUSWELL. Born 1 JUN 1671 at Salisbury, Massachusetts.
  8. Joseph BUSWELL.
  9. Mary BUSWELL. Born on 1 JUN 1677 at Topsfield, Massachusetts.