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Richard Butler and Elizabeth Bigelow

(Deacon) Richard BUTLER.
Born in 1612 in Braintree, Essex, England; son of Steven BUTLER [F15936]. He immigrated in 1632 or 1633 on the ship Hector to Newtown (later known as Cambridge), Middlesex County, Massachusetts. He is said to have sailed with his brother William, leaving two sisters in Essex. One sister, Jane, married a "West" and the other married a "Winter". Richard's brother William died in Hartford in 1648, the two sisters are mentioned in his will.

Deacon Richard Butler was made a freeman on 14 May 1634 at Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Richard - came from Braintree, Essex Co., England in 1633 to Cambridge, MA; 1636 to Hartford, CT; name is on founder's monument in Hartford,CT; made freeman 14 May 1634; in 1635 owned 2 acres at NE corner of Main & Dana Sts. in Cambridge, MA; in 1639 moved to Hartford, CT and became an original proprietor - house lot on corner of road to south meadow and road to the mill; in 1659-60, juror, deacon of First Church and deputy to General Court; made will in 1677 naming wife and 8 children; estate totalled 564 15 00 (pounds) (S4).

He married Elizabeth BIGELOW (in 1634-S1)(about 1634-S2)(by 1641-S4). Elizabeth is said to be his second wife (S4), but the name of a first wife is not given.

In 1639 Deacon Richard Butlerwas residing at Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut. As an original proprietor in 1639-1640, he was allotted 16 acres of land. His house lot was on the corner where the road from George Steele’s to the South Meadow intersected the road from the Mill to the Country.

In 1642 he became a member of Hooker's church in Hartford, Connecticut. He was made a freeman in 1643 at Hartford. He was a Juror in 1643 at Hartford, Connecticut. He was a Juror in 1647 at Hartford, Connecticut. He was a townsman in 1649 at Hartford, Connecticut. He was a townsman in 1654 at Hartford, Connecticut. He was a deputy to the General Court between 1656 and 1660 at Hartford, Connecticut. He was a townsman in 1658 at Hartford, Connecticut. He was appointed Clerk of General Court on 20 May 1658 at Hartford, Connecticut. He was appointed Grand Juror between 1660 and 1662 at Hartford, Connecticut. He was named on a Committee for the Mill in 1661 at Hartford, Connecticut.

His will was written on 2 April 1677 at Hartford, Connecticut.

Ct. Probate Records
Vol. 1V, pg. 184-5

Deac. Richard Butler, Hartford. Died 6 August 1684. Invt.
£564 15d 00s. Taken 2 Sept. 1684 by Paul Peck sen., George Grave. Will dated 2 April 1677.

Know al men whom it may concern, that I Richard Butler, being in bodily health & of sound & perfect memory, doe make & ordain this my Last will & Testament in Form & maner as followeth: Imprim: I doe give to my son Thomas Butler my uper Lot in the Long meadow. 2nd I doe give to my son Samuell all my meadow Land in Weathersfeild meadow. 3, I doe give to Nathaniel my son my meadow Lot neer the Long meadow gate. 4, I doe give Joseph Butler My son all my Land in the South meadow. 5, I doe give to my son Daniel Butler my now dwelling house with all appurtenances of building & ground about it, as also I doe give my son Daniel my Lot comonly called ten acres. 6, I doe give my three daughters, Mary Wright, Elizabeth Olmstead & Hanah Green, twenty shillings apeice, to be payd out of my moveable estate by my present wife Elizabeth, whom I appoynt my Executor to this my last Will. Allso it is my will that none of these children aforesayd doe posses or enjoy any of these Lands, or ought else mentioned, but with the consent, death, or change of their mother's condition, that is, by marriage againe. But if my wife Elizabeth Butler should change her conditions & marry againe, then my will is that all my aforesd. Sonns & daughters doe possess every one his Legacy & my wife only the Thirds; & for the rest of Cattell & household goods I give them all to my wife, provided as afoursayd she continue in widdowhood; but if she marry again, then to take the third of all, as of the house & Land so of Cattell & household Stuffe; & the rest equally to be divided among all my Children aforementioned; & though there may be divers Wills Extant that I have written with my owne hand, yet this is my Last & shall stand written with my owne hand. I appoint my two sons Thomas & Samuel Butler to be Overseers of this my Last will. My will also is that my daughter Mary Wright shalll have one feather bed after her mother's decease.

Richard Butler.
Witness Samuel Wright, Samuel Butler.
Court Record, page 93-94.

He died 6 August 1684 at Wethersfield, Hartford County, Connecticut. Inventory of his will was taken 2 SEP 1684 by Paul Peck, sen., and George Grave; and was recorded (proved) on 4 SEP 1684 at Hartford, Connecticut.

Elizabeth BIGELOW.
Born (about 1606-S1)(about 1616-S4)(about 1617-S2) at Wrenham, Suffolk, England; daughter of Randall BIGELOW and Jane. Her parents both died in 1626, when she was about 10 years old.

It is also said (S4) that there is no documentary proof of her maiden name. One source that gives here maiden name as Bigelow is a Sons of the American Revolution membership application. (S4).

She was of Hartford, Connecticut. She married Richard BUTLER about 1634. She was about 40 when treated by John Winthrop, Jr. in 1657.

She died on (26 February 1656-7-S1)(11 September 1691-S2,S4) at Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut. She left a will.

CHILDREN of Richard BUTLER and Elizabeth BIGELOW:
  1. Mary BUTLER. Born about 1635. She married Samuel WRIGHT. She received ten shillings in her father's will, and also one feather bed. She apparently died before 1689 when her mother's will was written.
  2. Thomas BUTLER. Born about 1637. In his father's will he received the upper lot in the long meadow. He apparently died before 1689 when his mother's will was written.
  3. Samuel BUTLER. Born about 1639. In his father's will he received all his meadow land in the Weathersfield meadow. He died on 31 December 1692.
  4. Nathaniel BUTLER. Born about 1641-2 at Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut. He married Sarah GREEN. He died on 9 February 1698 at Wethersfield, Hartford County, Connecticut.
  5. Elizabeth BUTLER. Born about 1643. Elizabeth Butler married Deacon Joseph Olmstead circa 1672. She received ten shillings in her father's will. She died after 1691.
  6. Joseph BUTLER. Born about 1648 in Hartford. He moved to the Rocky Hill part of Wethersfield. Joseph married Mary Goodrich before 30 January 1667. In his father's will he received all his land in the South meadow. He died on 10 DEC 1732 at Stepney, Fairfield County, Connecticut.
  7. (Sgt) Daniel BUTLER. Born about 1649. He married Mabel OLMSTEAD. In his father's will he received his father's house and also his lot called "ten acres". He died on 28 March 1692 Wethersfield, Hartford County, Connecticut.
  8. Hanah BUTLER. Born about 1652. Hannah Butler married Samuel Green Jr., son of Samuel Green and Jane Banbridge, before 1677 at Connecticut; They possibly had children Joseph and Jane who died in childhood. She received ten shillings in her father's will. She died on 16 July 1690 at Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.


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