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Ebenezer CAHOON and Mary Reynolds

Born on 8 OCT 1706 at East Greenwich, Kent County, Rhode Island; son of Joseph CAHOON [F1104] and Elizabeth SCRANTON [F1105]. He served in the British Army as a lieutenant in the French and Indian War. He married Mary REYNOLDS in 1728. Ebenezer's occupation is listed as a house carpenter. He died in East Greenwich, Kent County, Rhode Island.

Born and christened on 5 FEB 1704 at Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island; daughter of Thomas REYNOLDS [F1106] and Sarah CLARKE [F1107].

CHILDREN of Ebenezer CAHOON [F552] and Mary REYNOLDS [F553]:
  1. Benjamin CAHOONE. Born 1 Jul 1729 East Greenwich, Kent County, Rhode Island.
  2. Ebenezer CAHOONE. Born 11 Feb 1731 East Greenwich, Kent County, Rhode Island.
  3. John CAHOON. Born Abt 1732 Of Newport, Newport, Rhode Island. Died 13 Aug 1792 Newport, Newport, Rhode Island.
  4. [F276]. William CAHOONE. [FAMCHART COLQUHOUN]. Born in 1733 in East Greenwich, Kent County, Rhode Island. He married (1) Asa BAKER on 20 MAY 1759 at Exeter, Rhode Island. He married (2) Elizabeth VAUGHAN on 22 APR 1762 at West Greenwich, Kent County, Rhode Island. He died on 26 OCT 1813 at West Greenwich, Kent County, Rhode Island.
  5. Reynolds CAHOONE. Born in 1735 at South Kingston, Washington, Rhode Island. Reynolds was a house carpenter. He married twice, (1) Rebecca RATHBUN in 1761. Rebecca and Reynolds had two children. Joseph born 28 August 1762 in North Kingston, R.I. and Rebecca born 1765. Rebecca (the mother) died sometime before 1769, and in February 1769 Reynolds married (2) Rebecca's younger sister, Mary RATHBUN. Reynolds and Mary had Benjamin, Wilbur, Reynolds, Abigail amd Hannah. He died in East Cleveland, Ohio in 1815. He had gone west to live with his son, Reynolds.

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