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David de Calvelegh and Johanna

David de Calvelegh.
Second son of Kenric de Calvelegh.


CHILDREN of David de Calvelegh and Johanna:
  1. (Sir) Hugh Claveley. He succeeded to Lea. He was a celebrated soldier. He fires appears in public events as one of thirty combatants who in 1351 engaged in mortal strife with an equal number of Bretons for the purpose of deciding differences which had arisen from the disorders committed by the English after the death of Sir Thomas Daggeworth. He and others were captured and enprisoned at the castle of Josselin. He later commanded English forces at the Battle of Auray on 8 October 1364. He thereafter served valiantly in France. From his estates in Cheshire, he acquired great wealth. He died in 1394.
  2. David de Calveley (II).


David de Calvelegh and Johanna
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