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Kenric de Calvelegh

Kenric de Calvelegh.
of Calvelegh.

The reign of Edward III. forms the most martial and chivalrous period of English history. On the roll of the military " worthies " it produced— and the brilliant category includes Edward the Black Prince, Audley, Chandos, and Manny—few names stand more prominently forward than that of Sir Hugh Calveley of Lea. Froissart's romantic pen comme morates with graphic force the achievements of the Cheshire knight, and it is indeed observable that the old chronicler rarely touches on Sir Hugh with out placing him in the very foreground of his living pictures. The family from which this renowned warrior sprang, was a branch of the ancient House of Calvelegh of Calvelegh, in the Hundred of Edisbury, which is traced to Hugh de Calvelegh, who became Lord of Calvelegh in the reign of King John by grant from Richard de Vernon. (S1).


CHILDREN of Kenric de Calvelegh:
  1. David de Calvelegh and Johanna.


Kenric de Calvelegh
David de Calvelegh and Johanna
David de Calveley (II)
Hugh de Calveley (I)
Hugh de Calveley and Maud Hubeck
Hugh de Calveley and Margaret Done
George Calveley and Elizabeth de Dutton
Katherine Calveley  and John Beeston
George Beeston and Alice Davenport         
Dorothy Beeston and Thomas Gregory         
John Gregory and Alice Alton
Henry Gregory and Mary
John Gregory and Sarah St John
Phoebe Gregory and John Benedict
James Benedict and Sarah Hyatt
(Elder) James Benedict and Mary Blackman
Jemima Benedict and John Newberry
James Abraham Newberry and Mary Smith
Hannah Maria Newberry and George Morris
James Newberry Morris and Harriett Louisa Elliott 
Tina Matilda Kunzler and Eli Ray Morris 
LeGrand Elliott Morris and Dorothea Berta Ernestina Kersten 
Rodney Allen Morris and Deborah Lee Handy