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Walter Carre and Juliatha Daborne

Walter CARRE.(CARR).
Born about 1632; probably the son of Nicholas CARRE and Martha.

It is said that he emigrated to Maryland in 1658.(S2,S5). However, a Walter Carre appears in court held at Patuxent, Maryland on 10 March 1656. This is quoted as evidence that a Walter Carre was in Maryland by this date, and is considered the correct Walter Carre of this family. (S10). There was another Walter Carr who was transported to Maryland in 1658. (S10).
This court appearance is the case of William Battin, plaintiff and Walter Carre, defendant. It reads:
Whereas Walter Carre was arrested to this Court, at the Suit of a William Battin in an Action of debt, and Capt Waring appearing as the Attorney of the Said Carre, and the debt by account to the Said Battin being 451 pounds of Tobacco and Caske, The Court doth order that the Said Carre Shall forthwith Satisfie the Said debt with Cost of Suite or Else Execution.
A handwritten note in the margin gives the above date and says:
All the above at a Provinciall Court held at Putusent the 10th of March 1656. (pg. 481).
Archives of Maryland, Judicial and Testamentary Business of the Provincial Court, 1649/50-1657. Balt. Md. Hist. Society. 1891. William H. Broune, Editor.

In 1658, Thomas Turner and Walter Carre assigned their indenture rights to Stephen Benson. (S10).

He married Juliatha DABORNE, probably in Maryland. (S10).

On 9 November 1663 Walter Carre was a grantee and wintess in the will of James Billingsley. The will was written on this date, and was probated on 6 January 1663-1664 in Calvert County, Maryland. (S9).

He was a grantee in the will of Susannah BILLINGSLEY, written on 7 December 1663. She was the widow of James BILLINGSLEY. Ann Arundel County, Maryland. To brothers Richard and John EWEN, sisters Anne EWEN, Sophia, Eliza: TALBOTT, and Susanna BURGESS, brother-in-law Thomas BILLINGSLEY, Edward PARRISH and Walter CARR, personalty. Residue of estate divided among brothers and sisters (unnamed). Test: John CUMBER, Jr., John GRAY. This will was probated on 9 Febraury 1664 in Ann Arundel County, Maryland. (S9).

On 27 April 1664 Walter Carre and Nicholas Carre, among others, appear in a list of persons owing bills. (S10).

In December 1668, Walter Carr was a defendant in a suit in Calvert County, Maryland; involving debt of 3905 pounds of tobacco, which he paid. (S10).

He was involved in a suit on 17 April 1669, of Thomas Bowdell against Walter Carr. (S10).
Walter Carr late of Ann Arrundell County planter otherwise called Walter Carr of the County of Ann Arrundell planter was summoned to answer Thomas Bodell asignee of James Cullumes of a plea that he render to him the summe of three thousand pounds of tobacco which he unjustly detaineth.
And whereupon the said thomas by John Morecroft his Attorny complaineth that whereas the said Walter the seaventh day of April One thousand six hunderd sixty nine and in the seaven and thirtith yeare of the Dominion of Caecilius & c by his certaine bill Obligatory sealed with the seale of the said Walter and here in Court brought whose date is the day and yeare as above did acknowledge himselfe to Owe and Stand indebted to the said James Cullumes his heirs or assignes the full and just summe of three thousand pounds of merchantable tobacco in caske due to be paid in the County of Ann Arrundell at or upon the thenth day of October next ensueing the date of the said bill to the true performance whereof the said Walter did bind himselfe his heirs executors and administrators Notwithstanding the said Walter the said sume of three thousand pounds of tabacco according to the tenor of the said bill to him the said James or to him the said Thomas assignee of the said James hath not paid to the great damage of the said Thomas whereupon he saith he is dampnified and hath losse to the value of foure thousand pounds of tabacco and thereupon bringeth his suite.
And the said Walter Carr by Thomas Knighton his Attorny cometh and defendeth the force and injury when &c and saith he hath paid and satisfied the Said debt to the plaintiff at the day and place and therefore putteth himselfe upon the Country.
And afterwards to witt the sixtenth day of April in the xxxviiith yeare of the Dominion of Caecilius &c came as well the said Thomas Bowdell by John Morecroft his Attorny as the said Walter Carr by the said Thomas Knighton his Attorny and the Said Thomas Knighton withdrew his plea aforesaid and confest judgment for the debt aforesaid by nilhil dicit wherefore it is considered by the Court here that the said Thomas Bowdell recover against the said Walter the said summe of three thousand pounds of tobacco with costs of suite.
Costs allowed the plaintiff thirteene hundred and eighty pounds tobacco.

On 29 August 1672, Walter Carr and Thomas Daborne were the appraisers of the estate of Ralph Bassett. Camuel Chew, Esquire, took the bond. (S10).

In 1674-1676, Walter Carr was the plaintiff in a suit involving a debt of 21,938 pounds of tobacco, which suit he won. (S10).

In 1678 Walter Carr was to receive 120 pouns of tobacco due him for payment made to finance the Province's late expedition against the Nanticoke Indians. (S10).

On 12 May 1679 Walter Carr, of Herring Creek in south Anne Arundel County, was a juror. (S10).

On 8 November 1680 Walter Carr was again involved in court proceedings. (S10).

In 1681 Walter Carr was to received 60 pounds of tobacco, due him as a charge atains the Province. (S10).

Walter died in 1699 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. (S2,S3).

Juliatha DABORNE.
Born (about 1653 or 1659-S5) in (Anne Arundel County, Maryland)(England-S5); daughter of Thomas DABORNE and Jane. (S10).

She married Walter CARRE.

The will of her father was written on 23 October 1680, and she was named execurtix. (S9). The will was probated on 31 May 1684, and she was executrix. (S9).

Her husband Walter died in 1699.

She married (2) John WILEY on 4 October 1701.

CHILDREN of Walter CARRE and Juliatha DABORNE:
  1. John CARR. Born: 1664. He married Elizabeth.
  2. Walter CARR. Born in 1666. He died in 1699 [The father and son are being confused here.].
  3. Richard CARR. Born: 1668. Died: 1699
  4. Susannah CARR. Born probably in 1671. She married (1) John SIVIK in 1687. She married (2) Augustine HAWKINGS in 1688. She married (3) Thomas TRACEY on 15 January 1701.
  5. Alie CARR. Born: 1673. Died: 1674.
  6. Thomas Moses CARR. Born in 1679 at Anne Arundel MD. He married Elizabeth PRICE on 22 Sep 1705 at Anne Arundel, Maryland; in a Quaker wedding. He died on 1758 at Baltimore, Baltimore MD.
  7. Juleatha CARR. Born: 1681.
  8. Jonathan CARR. Born: 1685. He married Elizabeth. He died: 1760.