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(Captain) Thomas Chandler and Hannah Brewer

(Captain) Thomas CHANDLER. [PC W2-9. ].
Born about AUG 1628 at Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, England; son of William CHANDLER [F15684] and Annis BAYFORD [F15685]. He was christened on 9 AUG 1628-1629 at Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, England. He married Hannah BREWER [F7843] (in 1650-S12)(in 1651-S6,S7,S10)(on 28 MAY 1659-S1,S8,S15) at Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts.

Occupation: Blacksmith. Thomas Chandler served in 1678 at Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts, as the Representative to the Massachusetts General Court. (S13).

He was the 23rd. householder registered in Andover. He was employed to lay out the lands granted to indivuals by the General Court; was Deputy 1678, 88 and 90; was Representaüivel694; was W blacksmith and carried on an Iron works of considerable importance which remained in the family for several generations. He was considered very wealthy. He was Lt. Andover Co. 1683 and its Captain 1690. (S14).

His will is dated 8 FEB 1702. (S10).

He died 15 (JAN-S2,S8,S10) 1703 at Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts.

From [S18]: One of the earliest apprentices found on record was Hope- still Tyler. There is a tradition that his father, job Tyler, was living at Andover when the settlers came here, as Black- stone lived at Boston, 11 monarch of all he surveyed," until the advent of the "lords brethren," as he said, put him to flight, as the rule of the "lords bishops " had driven him from the old country. Job Tyler bad apprenticed his sorn Hopestill to Thomas Chandler, the blacksmith, 1658. But after the pa- pers were drawn up, he broke the bargain, got possession of the instrument of indenture, entering the house of Nathan Parker, (who wrote the paper, and bad it hid in, as he sup- posed, a safe place,) and stealing it in the absence of the owner of the house. The matter was a cause of long controversy and several trials, - 11 Chandler vs. Tyler " and 11 Tyler vs. Cbandlcr," extending over a period of more than ten years, and carried from court to court. One paper of interest, in connection with this, is a deposition of a witness in regard to the terms of the indenture, which it was said " Mr. Brad- street " saw, had perused, and judged " to be good and firme." In this the mutual obligations of master and apprentice are set forth : -

"That the Sd apprentice Hope Tiler should serve the said Thomas Chandler faithfully for nine years and a half after the manner of an apprentice, that the master, the said Chandler should teach him the trade of a blacksmith so farr as he was capable to' learne, and to teach him to read the Bible & to write so as to be able to keepe a book, so as to serve his turne for his trade and to allow unto the Sd apprentice convenient meat & drinke, wash- ing, lodging and clothes."

Job Tyler paid dear for his hard words against a man of so great influence as Thomas Chandler, who afterward became one of the town's deputies to the General Court, and who was one of the principal citizens in point of wealth, in the little community of husbandmen and artisans: -

1665A case in difference between Thomas Chandler of An- devour & job Tiler having formerly been entered in Salem Court in an action of defamation being withdrawne & reference made as appears by their bond to that purpose to Colonel Browne, Ed- ward Denison & Captain Johnson of Roxbury . . . . they not agreeing, wee the aforesaid Captain Johnson & Edward Denison doe give in our award as followeth: [job Tyler, being poor, they judge he should not be fined above six pounds.] 'We doe order that job Tiler sball nayle up or fasten upon the posts of Andivour & Roxbury' meeting-houses in a plaine leadgable hand, the acknowledgment to remain so fastened to the posts aforementioned for the space of fourteen days, it to be fastened within the fourteen days at Andevour & tomorrow being the twenty-seventh of January '65 at Roxbury . . . . . The Confession and acknowledgment ordered by us for job Tiler to make & poste as is above expressed is as followeth. - Whereas it doth apeare by sufficient testimony that 1 _7ob Tiler have shamefully reproached 7homas Chandler o 4ndevour by saying he is a base lying, cozening, cheating knave & that he hath got his estate by cozening in a base reviling manner 6- that he was recorded for a 1yer &- that he was a cheating, lying whoring knave _fit for all manner of bawdery, wishing the devill had him, Therefore 1 _7ob Tiler doe acknowledge that I have in these expressions most wick- edly slandered the said 2homas Chandler 6- that without an - V just grounW, being noe way able to make good these or any of these my slanderous accusations of him &-- therefore can doe noe lesse but expresse myseo'e to be sorry for them 6- for iny cursing of him desiring God &- the said Thomas to forgive me & that noeperson would think the worse of the said Thomas Chandler for any of these my sinfull ex- ,pressions And engaging myseo'for the future to be more caretull of my expressions both concerning him &- otherwise desiring the lord to help me so to doe.


Job Tyler brought suit against Chandler, and was allowed to sue in "forina pate 0 .peris," he having no means of paying charges ; but although the suit was one of special interest, and is quoted in the judicial histories, it is not further perti-' nent to this narrative. . The apprentice, Hopestill, learned the trade of a black- smith, and in 1687 the town granted him "liberty to" set up a " shop in y' streete near his house." A case I of the sale of indentured apprentices occurs be- tween Thomas Chandler and William Curtis, of Salem. The apprentice refused to stay with his new master:

"The Complaint of William Curtis to the honered Cort humbly sheweth . . . . . May it please your honors to take notice that abOUt 22 months since, I bought a sarvant of Thomas Chand- ier of Andover, Jacob Presson by name . . . . . My sarvant con- tinued with me about eleven months, my family at that time being very sick and Jacob not being well I gave him leave and lent him a horse to go to Andover to be a while amongst his friends, but being taken sick by the way at his Brothers there he lay for some time; after he recovered he went to Andover to his father Holt's where 1 was willing he should be awhile but in the beginning of the last winter I sent for my man to corn home and he came hom."

He made an excuse to go for some corn again, and, instead of returning, he sent back the horse and stayed away himself. He seems to have had a rather unhappy apprenticeship ; for after his transfer of masters, and his being compelled, as he was, by order of the Court, to serve out his time with Wil- liam Curtis, he presents a petition to the court for the clothes promised him, saying that the said Curtis, of Salem, whom he was appointed by the Court, 1670, to serve, refused at the end of the time to fulfil the terms of the indenture, " in the matter of dubble apparel," tioner prays for redress, .

. .. and that the " poor peti- for he is indeed come out of -his tyme very- Poore & hath not wherewithall to goe to Law to recover his right." This petition is made "fformapauperis." The following is a copy of the indenture: "This Indenture made and concluded this twenty day of May in the yeare of y' Lord God one thousand six hundred seventy and one & in the three & twentieth year of the reign of y' soveraigne Lord Charles the Second by the Grace of God of England, Scot- land, France & Ireland, king, Defender of the Faith &c, Between Ensigne Thomas Chandler of the towne of Merrimack in the County of Essex in New England Blacksmith on y' one part and Jacob Preston of Andover ' with the full and free consent of Nicolas Holt of Andover ' aforesaid, his Father-in-law by the marria-e of his Mother and also with the full consent of his said Naturall mother hath and doth by these presents bind bimselfe an apprentice to y' said Thomas seven years to be compleated and ended accounting from the twenty-sixth day of March last past untill the said seven years next & immediately ensuing the said 26th of March 1671 shall be fully expired. During Which time of seven yeares the said Jacob shall behave & demeane himself during his s' apprenticeship as an apprentice or servant ought for to doe according to the usuall & lawdable customs of England in the like cases. During wh time also of seven yeares, the above named Thomas, Master unto ye s' Jacob, is hereby obliged & stands bound at his owne costs & charges to provide &. procure for his said ser- vant, meat, drink, cloathing, washing, and lodging with all other things convenient, necessary & sufficient for an apprentice as is usuall in England. And the said Chandler is also to learne or cause his s' Apprentice to be learnt to read ye English tongue per- fectly to write & cypher or cast & keepe accounts sufficiently for his owne employment of a Blacksmith, if his capacities will attaine thereunto. And the sl Thomas is also hereby obliged according to his owne best skill & abilitie to learne and instruct the Sd Jacob in the trade & art of a Blacksmith, if the sl Jacob be capable of learning the same, and he shall keepe his said servant Jacob at worke upon the s' trade as much as may be without dam- age to other necessary occasions that may fall out unavoidably to be done in a family; that so for want of time & use & instruction, y' said Jacob may have no just ground to complaine of his owne want of experience or profitting under his s' Master in ye sl Trade of a Blacksmith. Alsoe yl s' Thomas when the Sd seaven yeares are expired shall give the s' Jacob two suits of Apparell from head to foot, suitable for a person of his degree, one good & hansom and suitable to weare on ye Sabbath dayes, & the other convenient for y' week days. The said Thomas doth bind himselfe, heires, executors, & administrators to the Sd Jacob his heires, & assignes to fulfill the articles herein conteined belonging to him to doe for the s' servant. In witnesse whereunto y' s" parties Thomas & Jacob as they are severally concerned in this instrument & the articles of the same have hereunto interchangeably sett their hands & seales.
Signed sealed & interchangeably delivered before


The 'Mark of


The following pathetic appeal indicates the distress and perplexity of the perambulators :

"To YE SELECTMEN OF BILLERICA: Loving friends and neigh- bors we have bine of late under such surcomstancesthat we could not tell whether wee had any bounds or no between our toWne, but now we begine to think we have -this therefore are to desier you to send some men to meet with ours upon the third munday of ye next month by nine a'clock in yo morning, if it be a faire day, if not the next drie day and so to run one both side of the river and to meet at the vesil place and the west side o"ANDOVER, March the 21 . 16rH

and by the order of ye Selectmen.

Hannah BREWER.
Born (25 OCT 1630-S1,S2,S8)(1632-S14); daughter of (Daniel BREWER and Joanna MORRILL-S1,S2,S6,S8) . (Thomas BREWER and Elizazbeth GRAVES-S5). Daniel BREWER and Joanna MORRILL seem to be the most correct: Daniel's will is dated Jan. 12, 1646 and names wife Johana and the following children: Daniel, Nathaniel, Ann, Joanna, Sarah. The N.E. Gen. Reg. thinks that Joanna is Hannah Brewer who married Capt. Thomas Chandler. (S14).

She married (1) Thomas CHANDLER [F7842] (in 1650-S?)(on 28 MAY 1659-S1) at Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts.

She married (2) Michael Booth in 1686. (S1). [This is impossible if Thomas died in 1703].

She died 25 OCT 1717 at Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts.

Note from S11:
McCracken (George E. McCracken, "Ancestry of President Rutherford B. Hayes," The American Genealogist 56 (1980): 160-169; 230-236.) notes that she was said to have been probably aged 87 at death. This age at death is possibly several years too high, as it would put the birthplace in England, yet her putative parents [which?] brought with them in 1632 no daughter Hannah and the daughter Anna, whom they did bring, is recorded, probably, as dying at Roxbury in 1659. If we have identified her correctly, she would have been an unrecorded daughter born in Massachusetts. This solution is not wholly satisfactory but is superior to the alternatives rejected after close examination.

CHILDREN of Thomas CHANDLER [F7842] and Hannah BREWER [F7843]:
  1. Thomas Chandler. Born on 2 Oct 1652 at Andover, MA.10 Thomas died at Andover, MA, on 6 Jun 1659.
  2. Captain John CHANDLER. Born on 14 Mar 1655 at Andover, MA. Occupation: Blacksmith. He married Hannah ABBOTT on 20 Dec 1676. John and Hannah were first cousins. His father and her mother were siblings. John died at Andover, MA, on 19 Sep 1721.
  3. Hannah Chandler. Born on 28 May 1659 at Andover, MA. On 2 Dec 1674 Hannah married Daniel Bixby (18382) , son of Joseph Bixby (ca Apr 1621-19 Apr 1701) & Sarah Riddlesdale (7418) (ca 1623-ca 1704), at Andover, MA.10 Born ca 1651. Daniel died at Andover, MA, on 7 May 1717. Hannah died at Andover, MA, on 20 Nov 1730.
  4. William Chandler. Born on 28 May 1659 at Andover, MA. On 21 Apr 1687 William married Eleanor Phelps, at Andover, MA. William died bef 1728.
  5. [F3921]. Sarah CHANDLER. Born 20 DEC 1661 at Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts. She married Samuel PHELPS [F3920] on (21-S2)(29) MAY (MAR-S2) 1682. She died 5 APR 1757 at Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts.
  6. Thomas CHANDLER. Born on 9 Oct 1664 at Andover, MA. On 22 May 1686 Thomas married Mary Peters, daughter of Andrew Peters (ca 1634-14 Dec 1713) & Mary Beamsley (9 Dec 1637-16 Oct 1736), at Andover, MA.10 Born on 12 Jun 1668 at Andover, MA. Mary died at Andover, MA, on 21 Jul 1753. Thomas died at Andover, MA, on 26 Jan 1736/7.
  7. Ensign Henry Chandler. Born on 28 May 1667 at Andover, MA. On 28 Nov 1695 Henry married Lydia Abbot, daughter of George Abbot (-22 Mar 1688/9) & Sarah Farnham (ca 1638-12 May 1728), at Andover, MA.10 Born on 31 Mar 1675 at Andover, MA.10 Lydia died on 11 Mar 1739. Henry died at Enfield, CT, on 27 Aug 1737.
  8. Captain Joseph Chandler. Born on 3 Aug 1669 at Andover, MA. On 26 Nov 1691 Joseph married Sarah Abbot, daughter of Thomas Abbot (-15 May 1695) & Sarah Steward (ca 1647-16 Feb 1715/6), at Andover, MA.10 Born on 8 Jan 1671 at Andover, MA. Joseph died at Andover, MA, on 22 Apr 1734.
  9. Dorcas Chandler. Dorcas is often listed as a child of this family, but this is apparently in error.