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Caleb Chapin and Catherine Dickinson

Born 29 (MAY-S4,S7)(MAR) 1701 at Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts; son of Samuel CHAPIN and Hannah SHELDON.

He married Catherine DICKINSON on 4 JAN (9 DEC-S10) 1726-7 at Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts. (S5,S11).

He died 8 SEP 1755 at the Battle of Bloody Pond (near Lake George), Warren County, New York during the French and Indian War. At the time of his death, his two sons Hezekiah & Joel were with him, and he said to them. "Boys,they are to hard for us, you must run. I am wounded and cannot" The two sons escaped and the tomahawk with which he was killed is in Antiquarian Society of Worcester. (S14).

Catherine DICKINSON.
Born 8 January 1705-1706 at (Hatfield-S6,S7,S11)(Deerfield)(Hadley-S5,S9), Hampshire County, Massachusetts; daughter of Nathaniel DICKINSON and Hepzibah GIBBS.

She married Caleb CHAPIN on 4 January (9 DEC-S10) 1726-7 at Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts. (S5,S7).

She died 16 July 1791 at Deerfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts.

  1. Catherine Chapin. Born: 27 Oct 1727, Deerfield Franklin MA. Died: 22 Oct 1734
  2. Caleb Chapin. Born: 13 Nov 1729, Deerfield Franklin MA. Died: 17 Nov 1734
  3. Joel Chapin. Born: 22 Apr 1732, Deerfield Franklin MA. Joel married Sarah Burke about 1767. (Sarah Burke was born about 1741 in Deerfield Franklin MA and died on 16 Apr 1781.). Joel died 17 Mar 1805.
  4. Catherine Chapin. Born: 02 May 1734, Deerfield Franklin MA.
  5. Caleb Chapin. Born: 02 Jul 1736, Deerfield Franklin MA. Died: 10 Nov 1815.
  6. Hezekiah Chapin. Born: 11 Nov 1738, Springfield Hampden MA. Died: 24 Mar 1820.
  7. Daniel Chapin. Born: 20 Sep 1741, Deerfield Franklin MA. Died: Jan 1821
  8. Hannah Chapin. Born: 21 Sep 1744, Deerfield Franklin MA. Died: 03 Jun 1807
  9. Submit CHAPIN. Born 29 MAR 1747 at (Bernardstown, Deerfield County, New York)(Deerfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts-S5). She married Joseph ALVORD, Jr. on 2 December 1773 or 2 FEB 1778. She died in 1815 (1825-S5) at Hamilton, Madison County, New York.
  10. Selah Chapin. Born: 18 Aug 1750-1751 at (Northampton Hampshire)( Deerfield Franklin), MA. Died: 30 May 1830, Leyden Franklin MA


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