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Samuel Chapin and Hannah Sheldon

[F564]. Samuel CHAPIN.
Born 4 June (AUG) 1665 at Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts; son of Japhet CHAPIN [F1128] and Abilenah COOLEY [F1129]. He married Hannah SHELDON [F565] on 24 DEC 1690. He died 19 OCT 1729 at Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts.

[F565]. Hannah SHELDON.
Daughter of Isaac SHELTON [F1130] and Mary WOODFORD (WOODWWARD) [F1131]. She married Samuel CHAPIN [F564] on 24 DEC 1690.

CHILDREN of Samuel CHAPIN [F564] and Hannah SHELDON [F565]:
  1. [F282]. Caleb CHAPIN. Born 29 MAY (MAR) 1701 at Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts. He married Catherine DICKINSON [F283] on 4 JAN 1726-7. He died 8 SEP 1755 at Bloody Pond, Massachusetts.


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