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Alan de Charlton and Elena la Zouche

Bron about 1286; son of Robert de Cherleton and Elinor de Holand . (S2).

He was of Apley, Shropshire, England. Apley Castle was a moated, fortified manor house in Hadley near Wellington. By the early 14th century the manor was owned by the Charlton family, who had become major landowners in the region, and in 1327 Sir Alan Charlton received a licence to crenellate the manor house. The building work occurred shortly afterwards, producing a square building set around a central courtyard. Charlton's descendants expanded the castle considerably into an Elizabethan mansion during the late 16th and early 17th century, using grey ashlar stone. (S2).

He married about Elena la ZOUCHE about 1317.

Alan de Cherlton obtained an estate at Haughton, near Shiffnal, in 1309 by favor of his elder brother, John de Cherlton. In the Feodary of 1316, he is shown as Lord of Walton in Stottesden Hundred. In 1322, several Writs were addressed to him as Custos of the Castle and land of Wigmore. This was in consequence of the forfeiture which then lay on the house of Mortimer. Sir Alan de Cherlton was summoned, May 1324, in Hertfordshire to attend a Great Council at Westminster. In 1324 and 1325, several Writs were addressed to him in connection with military levies in Shropshire and Staffordshire, but, 18 Apr 1325, he was superseded in these commissions being employed on active duty under the King. In January 1326, he occurs again as Chief Inspector of array in Herefordshire and Worcestershire. One of the first Acts of King Edward III was granting a license to Alan de Cherleton, enabling him to embattle his Mansions of Apley and Withyforde. (S3).

Baron Cherleton is an abeyant title in the Peerage of England. It was created in 1313 when John Charleton was summoned to Parliament. The Charleton family were a Shropshire knightly family, one of whom married Hawise "Gadarn" the heiress of the Lordship of Powys. This was the former Welsh Principality of Powys Wenwynwyn, which had as a result of the last prince's submission to Edward I been transformed into a marcher lordship. The title fell into abeyance on the death of the fifth Baron in 1421. (S1).

He died 3 December 1360 at Apley Castle, Shropshire, England. (S2).

Elena la ZOUCHE.
Born in 1288 in Appleby, Shropshire, England; daughter of Alan le ZOUCHE and Eleanor de SEGRAVE.

She married Alan de CHARLTON about 1317.

She died on 3 December 1360 in Appleby, Shropshire, England. (S3).

CHILDREN of Alan de CHARLTON and Elena la ZOUCHE:
  1. Alan de CHARLTON II. He married Margery Fitz Aer. (S2).
  2. Thomas de Charlton
  3. John de Charlton