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Alan de Charlton and Margery Fitz Aer

Born about 1319; son of Alan de CHARLTON and Elena la ZOUCHE.

He married Margery FITZ AER at Appley Castle, Apleby, Shropshire, England. (S1).

On May 10, 1338, two Fines were levied, whereby Alan, son of Sir Alan de Cherleton, Knight, and Margery his wife, Plaintiffs, convey the Manors of Wheton Aston, Magna Withyford, and Hakercote (Harcott) to John de Wyke, Parson of Magna Gatesden, and James de Morton, Parson of La Rode (evidently two trustees). The said Feoffes in return, settle the three estates onf Alan (Junior) and Margery, and their bodily heirs;--remainer to John, so of Sir Aland de Cherton, knight, and the heirs of his body;--remainer to Thomas de Cherleton, brother of the said John, and the heirs of his body;--remainder of all three estates to the right heirs of Margery. (s1).

He died 3 May 1349 in Shropshire, England. He was a victim of the "Great Pestilence" which desolated England in 1349. (S1).

Margery FITZ AER.
Born 4 April 1314; daughter and heir of Hugh Fitz Aer of Aston Eyre, near Bridgnorth.

She was christened on 4 April 1314 in Wistanstow. (S1).

She married Alan de CHARLTON.

She died by 1347.

CHILDREN of Alan de CHARLTON and Margery FITZ AER:
  1. John Charlton. Born 2 February 1340.
  2. Thomas de CHARLTON. Born about 1345 at Appley Castle, Apleby, Shropshire, England.