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From the vicinity of Dorchester, Dorsetshire, England. He married Brinspittel, last name probably DERBY. He owned some property with a mill at Whitchurch, which was near Burfort (alias Breadport) in Dorsetshire. This property gave him a living of 40 or 50 pounds per year. He apparently sold this property for a low price to Christopher DERBY, who was probably his brother-in-law, and thereafter lived in more modest circumstances. He died at the town of Brinspittel in Dorsetshire, England.

Her last name is probably DERBY. If this her correct name, she was undoubtedly named after the town of Brinspittel, Dorsetshire, England and was therefore probably born there. She married Thomas CHIPMAN. She died about 1640 in England.

CHILDREN of Thomas CHIPMAN and Brinspittel (DERBY ?):
  1. John CHIPMAN. Born probably in the Spring of 1621 and probably at Whitchurch, Dorsetshire, England. He married (1) Hope HOWLAND in 1646. He died 7 Arpil 1708 at Sandwich, Massachusetts, age 87 years.
  2. Hannor (Hannah ?) CHIPMAN.
  3. Tamson (Tomasine ?) CHIPMAN.