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CHLODIO, King of the Salian Franks, and Basina

CHLODIO. (Long Hair). (Clodio)(Clodius)(Clodion)(Cloio)(Chlogio)(Crinitus). King of the Salian Franks.
Born about 392-395.

The non-contemporary Liber Historiae Francorum says his father was Pharamond. However, the Pharamond legend appears to be a later concoction created in the 8th century. Hughes (S2) states that Pharamond was the father of Chlodio's wife, Argotta. The Chronicle of Fredegar makes Chlodio son of Theudemeres, one of the leaders of the Salian Franks and king of Thérouanne (409–414). (S1).

He has also been said to be the son of F. Blesinde from Cologne (375-418). (S?).

He was King of the Salian Franks. He was known as the Long-Haired King. Like all Merovingian kings, Chlodio had long hair as a ritual custom. He lived in Thuringian territory, at the castle of Duisburg. (S1).

He became chief of the Thérouanne area in 414 AD. From there, he invaded the Roman Empire in 428, defeating a Roman force at Cambrai, and settled in Northern Gaul, where other groups of Salians were already settled. Although he was attacked by the Romans, he was able to maintain his position and, three years later in 431, he extended his kingdom south to the Somme River in the future Francia. (S1).

He is said to have conquered Artois, Cambray, Tournay and other areas.

In AD 448, 20 years after his reign began, Chlodio was defeated at an unidentified place called Vicus Helena by Flavius Aëtius, the commander of the Roman army in Gaul. (S1).

His successor may have been Merovech, after whom the dynasty was named 'Merovingian'.

He is said to have married Basina, but this seems to be confusion with the wife of his grandson.

Chlodio's wife, Argotta [aka Siegse], was one of Faramond's two daughters. Argotta brought into the marriage a son, Merovech, from a previous marriage to Quintus Tarus, Prefect of Provence. (S2).

He died about 445 to 448. (S1).

Argotta. (Siegse).
Daughter of Pharamond. (Faramond).

Argotta brought into the marriage a son, Merovech, from a previous marriage to Quintus Tarus, Prefect of Provence. (S2).

CHILDREN of CHLODIO, King of the Salian Franks, and Basina:
  1. MEROVECH, King of the Salian Franks. (disputed as son of Chlodio).


Argotta, md (1) Quintus Tarus,  md (2) Chlodio. 
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