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John CLARKE He was born about 1503 in Finningham, Suffolk, England. He was a yeoman in Finningham, meaning that he owned his own property, rather than being a tenant farmer.

The Clarke family was evidently from the landed gentry. According to the dispositions he made in his will, he held lands in Westhorpe, Finningham, and Gislingham. John Clarke was taxed 2 in lands at Finningham in the subsidy of 1523/4. He was taxed 12d and 10s. in goods at Finningham in the first and second payments of the subsidy of 1545/6, respectively. He married Margaret. He was buried 3 March 1559 in Finningham, Suffolk, England. He left a will, dated 26 February 1558/9, proved 7 May 1559, calling himself yeoman of Finningham and mentioning his sons, Thomas and John (both under 24), his daughters, Agnes, Margaret, Ellen, and Joan (all under 24), and his wife, Margaret. He gave his lands in Westhorpe, Finningham, and Gislingham to his son, John Clarke, who was to take possession only at the age of 24, and if he died before that time, the lands were to go to his other son, Thomas Clarke.

Margaret Clarke, widow, was taxed 10s. 8d. in lands valued at 4 at Finningham in the subsidy of 1562/3, 16d. in lands valued at 22s. at Finningham in 1565/6, and 2s. 8d. in lands valued at 20s. at Finningham in 1575/6. She died after 1576 in Finningham, Suffolk, England.

CHILDREN of John CLARKE and Margaret:


John Clarke and Margaret
John Clarke and Catherine Cooke
Thomas Clarke and Rose Kerrich
Joseph Clarke and Margaret (Turner?)
Sarah Clarke and Thomas Reynolds
Mary Reynolds and Ebenezer Cahoon
William Cahoone and Elizabeth Vaughan
William Cahoon and Mary Smith
Mary Cahoon and David Elliott
Peter Mack Elliott and Charlotte Alvord
Harriett Louisa Elliott and James Newberry Morris
Eli Ray Morris and Tina Matilda Kunzler
LeGrand Elliott Morris and Dorothea Berta Ernestine Kersten
Rodney Allen Morris and Deborah Lee Handy