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Christopher CODMAN

[F31270]. Christopher CODMAN. (Cadman). [W2-3].
Born in 1580 in England.


CHILDREN of Christopher CODMAN:
  1. Catherine CODMAN. (Katherine). [Familytree]. Born in (1607-S1)(1617-S2,S4) in (Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts-S1)(Caversham, Oxford, England-S3). She married John STEVENS (in 1635-S1)(on 10 July 1639-S3) in Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts. She died on 31 July 1682 in Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts. [NOTE: She obviously could not have been born in Salisbury since it wasn't founded yet. Her husband John was born in Caversham, and this has apparently been extended to her. I doubt it is based on an actual source. It has also been speculated that she was perhaps the daughter of Robert Codman, but there is no evidence so far.].