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Henry Cogan and Joan Boridge

[F15354]. Henry COGAN.
Born about 1565; son of Henry COGAN [F30708] and Elizabeth CARYE [F30709]. He was of Taunton, England. He married Joan BORIDGE [F15355] on 30 NOV 1590 in England. He died on 1 DEC 1612 in Taunton, England.

[F15355]. Joan BORIDGE.
Born about 1569. She was of Taunton, England. She married Haney COGAN [F15354] on 30 NOV 1590 in England.

CHILDREN of Henry COOGAN [F15354] and Joan BORIDGE [F15355]:
  1. [F7677]. Mary COGAN. Born 22 NOV 1595 in England. She married James GLASS [F7676] on 24 JAN 1614 in England.