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Anthony Colby and Susanna (Sargent?)

Anthony COLBY.
Born in 1595 at Beccles, Essex, England. Weis (source 2) says he may have also been born at Banham, county Norfolk, England. He was the son of Thomas COLBY and Beatrix FELTON.

He married Susanna (HADDON or SARGENT).

He came first to Boston, where he was a member of the First Church before 8 September 1633 when his son John was baptized there. He is recorded on page 2 of the Church Record as Anthony CHAULBY.

He settled next in Cambridge where he owned two houses and six acres of land on Brattle Street, which he sold to Simon Crosby in 1639. In 1634 he was an inhabitant of Ipswich. On 14 May 1634 he was admitted freeman of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. On 21 June 1637 he signed a petition for __?__. In 1639 he aparently moved from Ipswich, for he is then called a "planter" of Salisbury and Amesbury. He was one of the original settlers of Salisbury, and in 1640, he was one of sixty-nine planters to receive "first division lots". He again received land in 1643.

On 2 August 1646 he was dismissed by letter from the First Church in Boston to the First Church in Salisbury. Page 24 of the Church Record says, Our brother Anthony COLBY according to his desires had letters of demission granted unto him with the consent of the church by their silence unto the church at Salisbury. He resided in Salisbury until his death.

On 3 February 1650, he is recorded as one of the 66 "commoners" at Salisbury. A commoner was one who had land division rights. On 25 December 1650 he paid taxes of 13 s. 2 d., and only 10 of the 66 tax payers exceeded his rate. On 19 March 1654-5, he, his son John, and 16 others, became "present inhabitant and comenors heare in the newtowne" when Salisbury was divided to form a new town, which became Amesbury. It did not receive the name of Amesbury, however, until 27 MAY 1668. On 1 MAY 1654 Anthony was one of the 49 signers of the "articles of agreement between the inhabitants of the old town and those of the newtowne." Also in 1654, probably as a result of those articles of agreement, he received land along with 61 others in the Salisbury land division. His name, as well as that of his son John, appears on two petitions about church matters dated 19 MAY 1658.

He died 11 FEB 1660-1 at Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts. This was probably at his residence in the new town area that was later named Amesbury. On 18 JAN 1663-4 Salisbury-new-town voted land to Anthony, John and Samuel COLBY and 22 others. This seems to have been rescinded in 1666 when the new town was incorporated by the General Court of Massachusetts. I do not know why he was named in this, three years after he died, unless it refers to a nephew or is being granted to his estate.

Susanna (Susannah) (perhaps HADDON, but probably SARGENT).
Born about 1610. She married (1) Anthony COLBY. She married (2) about 1663-4 to William Whitridge She died 8 JUL 1689 at Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.

CHILDREN of Anthony COLBY and Susanna (HADDON ?):


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