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John Colquhoun and Agnes Boyd

(Sir) John COLQUHOUN. Thirteenth Lord of Colquhoun and fifteenth of Luss. [Familytree].
Born in (1515)(1523-S3)(1538-S4) in Luss, Dunbartonshire, Scotland; son of Humphrey COLQUHOUN and Helen Catherine GRAHAM.

Mary Queen of Scots Knighted Sir John.

He married (1) Christian Erskine on 25 January 1535 in Scotland. They are usually said to have had no children; but S2 says they had a child, Jean Colquhoun, who married (Sir) Matthew Stewart of Minto.

He married (2) Agnes BOYD on 15 November 1564 in Luss, Dunbartonshire, Scotland.

He added considerably to the family possessions. He lived during the events of the great revolution which overthrew the Roman Catholic faith in Scotland. He died 1574 in Dumbarton, Scotland.

He died in January 1574-1575.

WIFE (1):
Christian Erskine

Born in Scotland; daughter of Robert, Lord Erskine (who was killed at Flodden, 1513), and Dame Elizabeth Campbell, Lady Erskine. She married John COLQUHOUN on 25 JAN 1535 in Scotland. They had no children. She died in 1564 in Scotland.

WIFE (2):
Agnes BOYD. [Familytree].
Daughter of Sir Robert Boyd, 5th Lord Boyd, and Margaret Colquhoun.

She married John COLQUHOUN on 15 November 1564 in Luss, Dunbartonshire, Scotland.

She died on 18 JUL 1584, and was buried on 19 July 1584 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

  1. Humphrey COLQUHOUN. Fourteenth Lord of Colquhoun and sixteenth of Luss, succeeding at the age of 9. Born in 1565 in Scotland. He married (1) Jean Cunningham, daughter of Alexander, Earl of Glenecairne, and widow, of Archibald, fifth Earl of Argyle, on 15 MAY 1583 in Scotland, before he had reached his majority. They had no children. He married (2) Jean Hamilton, daughter of Lord John Hamilton (second son of the Regent Arran, Duke of Chatelherault, in France, and declared to be heir to the Scotch Throne, failing Queen Mary). He was on hostile terms with the McFarlans and MacGregors. In the year 1586 Sir Humphrey intended to visit the Continent and before his departure he committed his servants, tenants, and dependents to the protection of his cousin, Ludovic, second Duke of Lennox. Sir Humphrey was assassinated in his Castle of Bannachra in July 1592, when he was about 27 Years of age (see Scott's " Rob Roy " and " Lady of the Lake "). His brother John was convicted of complicity in the murder. His three daughters resigned what right they had to Luss to their Uncle Alexander.
  2. John-Roy COLQUHOUN. Born in 1567. He was convicted of complicity in the murder of his brother Humphrey in July of 1592. He was thus passed over for the succession, and was beheaded at the Cross of Edinburgh on 1 NOV 1592.
  3. Jean COLQUHOUN.
  4. Alexander COLQUHOUN. [Familytree]. Fifteenth Lord of Colquhoun. Born in 1573 in Dunbartonshire, Scotland. He married Margaret Helen BUCHANAN on 18 AUG 1595 in Scotland. He died on 23 MAY 1617 in Scotland.
  5. Margaret COLQUHOUN.


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