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(Sir) John COLQUHOUN. Ninth Lord of Colquhoun and Eleventh of Luss. [Familytreet].
Born (about 1398-S4)(in 1420) in Dumbarton, Scotland; son of Malcolm COLQUHOUN and (Elizabeth?).

He married (1) Lady BOYD in 1438 in Dumbarton, Scotland.

He married (2) Elizabeth DUNBAR.

He received a grant of the lands of Roseneath and the Castle of Dunlass on the Clyde River.

He received a charter in 1457 incorporating his lands into the lands of Luss, and Luss was erected into a Barony to honor him for his services to the Crown, making him the First Baron of Luss, thus becoming a knight. He received a charter in 1458 for the forestry of Rossdhu and Glenmuckerne. He succeeded his grandfather as Lord of Colquhoun in 1459. He received a charter in (1464)(1465) for Kilmardinny. He was Comptroller of the Exchequer from 1465 to 1469. He was Sheriff of Dumbartonshire in 1471. He was Governor of Dumbarton Casltle, Great Chamberlain of Scotland in 1474. In 1474 he was a member of the embassy sent to negotiate a marriage between the Scottish Royal Prince and Princess Cecilia, a daughter of Edward IV, King of England.

Sir John Colquhoun was one of the most distinguished men of his age in Scotland, and highly esteemed by King James III, from whom he got a charter in 1457 of the lands of Luss, Colquhoun, and Garscube, in Dumbartonshire, and of the lands of Glyn and S auchie, in Stirlingshire, incorporating the whole into a free barony, to be called the Barony of Luss; and in the following year he obtained from the king a charter erecting into a free forest the lands of Rossdhu and Glenmachome. Builder of Rossdhu Castle the remains of which can still be seen today behind the current mansion house.. From 1465 to 1469 he held the high office of comptroller of the Exchequer, and was subsequently appointed sheriff principle of Dumbartonshire. In 1645 he got a grant of the lands of Kilmardinny, and in 1473 and in 1474, of Roseneath, Strone, &c. In 1474 he was appointed lord high chamberlain of Scotland, and immediately thereafter was nominated one of the ambassadors extraordinary to the Court of England, to negotiate a marriage between the Prince Royal of Scotland and the Princess Cicily, daughter of King Edward IV. By a royal charter dated 17th September 1477, he was constituted governor of the castle of Dumbarton for life. He was killed by a cannon-ball at the seige of Dumbarton Castle, probably in 1478. By his wife, daughter of Thomas, Lord Boyd, he had two sons and one daughter. His second son, Robert, was bred to the church, and was first rector of Argyle from 1473 to 1499. The daughter, Margaret, married Sir William Murray, seventh baron of Tullibardine (ancestor of the Dukes of Athole), and bore to him seventeen sons. (S7).

He died on 1 MAY 1478 in Dumbarton, Scotland. He was killed by cannon ball at the seige of the King's Castle at Dumbarton, Scotland. (S4).

WIFE (1):
Lady BOYD.
Born about 1420 in Dumbarton, Scotland.

She is said by some to be a daughter of Thomas, Lord Boyd and Mary Stewart, but no evidence for this is given.
She has also been said to be a daughter of Thomas, Lord Boyd and Joanna Montgomery, but no evidence for this is given. (S7).
She has also been said to be a daughter of Thomas, Lord Boyd and Isabell, but no evidence for this is given. (S5).

Some list her as Margaret Boyd, the daughter of Thomas Lord Boyd and Princess Mary Stewart but she had two husbands, neither called Colquhoun, and died without issue. (S9).

From this, it appears that she probably was the daughter of Thomas Boyd. The question is, which one?

She died in 1444 in Dumbarton, Scotland.

CHILDREN of John Colquhoun and Lady Boyd:

WIFE (2):
Elizabeth Dunbar. Countess of Moray. (Murray).
Born about 1425 at Moray, Inverness, Scotland; daughter of James Dunbar, (4th)(5th) Earl of Moray and Katherine Janet/Jane Seton.

She married (1) Archibald Douglas, Earl of Moray. Archibald was killed on 1 May 1455.

She married (2) George Gordon, 2nd Earl of Huntly. A contract for the marriage of Lady Elizabeth Dunbar and George Gordon, 2nd Earl of Huntly was signed on 20 May 1445.1 She and George Gordon, 2nd Earl of Huntly were divorced from 1446 to 10 March 1459/60.1 Comment: "This couple were married for only a short time. Elizabeth was contracted to marry George, Lord Gordon , but was divorced on the plea of consanguinity before 1459 in order that George could marry Annabella of Scotland, daughter of James I of Scotland."

She married (3) (Sir) John Colquhoun, 9th Lord of Colquhoun, about 1462.

She died on 17 February 1486 in Luss, Dumbartonshire, Scotland.


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