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Robert Corbet and Emma Pantulf

Robert Corbet. Baron of Caus.
Born before 1158 in Pontesbury, Shropshire, England; son of Simon Corbet. Carl Boyer believed that Simon Corbet "probably died before his father, William Corbet of Wattlesborough. Assuming that William died in 1136, and Simon died shortly before, say, 1135, all of Simon's children would have been born prior to 1135. (S1).

Robert Corbet succeeded his uncle, Roger Corbet II, as Baron of Caus. He is therefore called by some as Roberrt III. (S1).

The 1175/76 Pipe Roll records “Robertus Corbet” in Shropshire. Cawley notes that as this represents his earliest appearance in the Pipe Rolls, it is likely that he had recently attained his majority and taken control of his lands in his own name. It is unlikely therefore that Robert was born later than [1158]. (S1).

Robert Corbet in 1176 was amerced 20 merks for trespassing on the royal forests. (S1).

He married Emma Pantulf in 1180 in Wem, Shropshire, England. (S1).
On 25 March 1180 in Wem, Shropshire, England at St. Julian's Church. (S2).

Robert’s son Thomas alleged that his grandfather ("avus") had been seised of the manor of Pontesbury during the reign of King Henry II. (S1).

Eyton quotes (in translation) a charter dated 24 Jan 1190 under which King Richard I restored "to Robert Corbet…the forest of Tenefrestanes…as Roger patruus of the said Robert had held in the time of King Henry, the grantor’s father". (S1).

Scutage payments by "Robertus Corbet" are recorded in 1194-1195 and 1196-1197. (S1).

A letter from King John, dated August 10, 1204, informs Wenunwin de Kevelloc (as he is there called) that the king has apointed Hugh Pantulf and Robert Corbet to ensure him a safe conduct if he comes to a court shortly to be held at Woodstock. (S1).

Robert Corbet and Hugh Pantulf, with William Fitzalan, were witnesses to a convention, dated at Shrewsbury o October the 7th, 1208, between King John and Wenhunwin, which is mentioned hereafter; and Corbet seems to have acted in some measure of surety for the Welsh prince on this occasion. (S1).

The Red Book of the Exchequer records "Robertus Corbet" holding five knights’ fees in Shropshire in [1210/12]. (S1).

Henry III King of England ordered that "castrum de Caos", confiscated from "Robertus [Corbet]", be restored to him after "Thomas filius suus" swore homage to the king dated [Nov] 1217. (S1).

Henry III King of England ordered "…Robertus Corbet vel Thomas filius suus…" to enquire into the state of the forests "de comitatu Salopie" dated [Jul] 1219. (S1).

Robert Corbet gave liberally to the monks of Shrewsbury and Buildwas Abbey. (S1).

He died before 17 October 1222 in Caus, Shropshire, England. [Between 22 July 1219 and 17 Ocboter 1222]. (S1).

Emma Pantulf. (Pantolph).
Born (in-S1)(about-S2) 1162 in Wem, Shrophsire, England; daughter of Hugh Pantulf of Wemme and Christiana FitzAlan. (S2).

She died about 1227 in Caus, Shropshire, England. (S2).

CHILDREN of Robert Corbet and Emma Pantulf:
  1. Thomas Corbet. Baron of Caus. Born about 1182. He married Isabell de Valletort. Died before 2 November 1274.
  2. (Sir) Hugh Corbet. (Grysetaille). Born about 1184.
  3. (Sir) Robert Corbet. Born about 1186. knt of Chetton, ob. s. p. = Ida.
  4. Margaret Corbet. Born about 1188. She married Wenunwin. Gwenwynwyn ap Owain, Prince of Powys. He was born in 1151 or 1165. The marriage took place in 1212 or 1216. Died after 15 April 1251.
  5. (Sir) William Corbet. Born about 1190. Not listed by Cawley. William, kn of Chaddeslee.
  6. Alan Corbet. Born about 1192. Not listed by Cawley.


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