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William CORNAWLL. (Cornwell).
Born 25 MAY 1609 at Terling, Essex, England; son of William CORNWALLand Margery HAYWARDE. (S1).

Christened by the brother of Fairsted's incumbent rector, the Rev. Henry Robinson on 25 May 1609 in Terling, Essex, England. (S1).

William was one of sixteen Sargeant-At-Arms assigned as body-guards to protect King Charles I. (S1).

He married (1) Joan Ranke at Fairsted, Essex, on 27 September 1632. She was admitted to Roxbury church as member #77, immediately following her husband. (S1).

He was dispatched to 'The New World' (New England Colony) in the 1600's. (All three brothers were dispatched to different areas. William never saw his brother, Charles, again.). William arrived with the Winthrop Fleet aboard the flagship 'Arbella' to help in the settlement of the Massachusetts Bay Colony at Roxbury (Boston) in 1633. He came from England to Boston with his first wife, Joan. (S1).

He married (2) Mary in 1639.

He became a member of Rev. John Eliot's ('the Indian Missionary') church. In the mid 1630's, after Joan was murdered by the Pequots, he spent a winter on Cape Cod where he presumably met 'Little Dove'. (S1).

William went as a Cavalier, assigned to protect the Puritan Colonist from marauding Pequot Indians. William served with Capt. John Underhill after joining Capt. Masons' force at Saybrook, CT. for their mass attack on Pequot Indians in their Fort at Mystic, in May of 1637. He fought alongside Chief John Hyanno. (S1).

In 1638 he negotiated with John Hyanno for the purchase of Indian lands for the Stratford Colony in CT. After the Pequot Expedition he settled in Hartford (CT.). For his service against the Pequot Indians, he was awarded a lot in "Souldier's Field" in 1639. This land was located at what is now known today as the north end of Village St. (S1).

On or about 1650/1651 he removed with the first settlers to Middletown (CT.). This land originally belonged to the Narragansetts. He was the founder of Middletown & a representative in 1654, 1664 & 1665. His land was located at what is known today as the corner of Main & Washington St. (S1).

He died 21 February 1678 at Middletown, Middlesex County, Connecticut. (S1).

WIFE (1):
Joan Ranke.

WIFE (2):
She married William CORNWELL in 1639.

She was apparently dead by 2 February 1674[/5?], as she was not named in her husband's will. (S1).

CHILDREN of William CORNWEL and Mary:
  1. Sarah Cornwall. (Cornwell)(Cornell). She married Daniel Hubbard.
  2. (Sgt) John Cornwall, Sr..
  3. William Cornwall;
  4. Samuel Cornwall;
  5. Jacob Cornwell, Sr.
  6. Thomas Cornwall;
  7. Esther Wilcox and
  8. Elizabeth Cornwall