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The name is Welsh and is spelled many ways; CORWITHIN, Carwethyn, Marcarwythyn, Carwithyn, Corwethen, Carwithy. Said to be son of David CORWITHINand Grace, but this is likely in error, confusing two generations.

Of Salem, Massachusetts before 1645. He married Grace. He issued an order for Richard Curtis (possibly an ancestor of Lyman Curtis) to present himself to court for an accused statement (see Essex Antiquarian, Vol 5:89). He received a lot from Joseph Young in 1649, which he sold to Richard Curtis in FEB 1659. He also lived at Marblehead. He settled in Southhold, Long Island, New York.

He made his will 30 August 1665 with his dau. Sarah Curtis as sole executrix. His will was proved 4 January 1666.

She married David CORWITHIN.

CHILDREN of David CORWITHIN and Grace:
  1. Grace CORWITHIN. She married Zacheus CURTIS.
  2. Caleb CORWITHIN.
  3. Martha CORWITHIN.
  4. Elizabeth CORWITHIN. Md. William CRAMER.
  5. David CORWITHIN. A mariner in Salem. In 1661 he was in Southampton, Long Island. In 1665 he was of Elizabethtown, New Jersey.
  6. Sarah CORWITHIN. Md. 1645 Richard CURTIS, possibly the son of Richard CURTIS.