[F7596]. John CUTTS. His descendants in America dropped the s, and changed the spelling to CUTT.
Born in 1562-1563 in Burnett, Somersetshire, England; son of John CUTTS [F15192] and Joanne KELKE [F15193]. Richard CUTTS, Member of Parliamant in 1654, is also said to be the father of Richard CUTT [F3798], but this is now considered incorrect. Joseph Wipple’s paper does say that the father of the emigrant Cutt brothers was a member of parliament when he died. This has not been disproved but certainly he was not Richard Cutts, member for Essex in 1654. {S4}.

He lived in Eston-Will (Estonwell), Devon, England.

He married (1) ?.

He conveyed the family manor in Burnett in 1599 to Bridget Cutts, widow of Nicholas John Cutts, a Wine Merchant of Bristol, another son of John Cutt. He moved to Bath, Somersetshire, England; probably some time between this time of the sale of the property in Burnett and the time of his second marriage.

He married (2) Bridget BAKER, widow of Paul SHERSTON, about 1610.

John Cutt, by his own deposition, was age 50 in 1613. then living in Bath. {S1, S4}. His will was dated 8 December 1613. He died in 1625 1623-S?) in Bath, Somersetshire, England; and was buried on 3 November 1625 in Bath, Somersetshire, England.

WIFE (1):

WIFE (2):
[F7597]. Bridget BAKER.
Born in 1563 in Burnett, Somersetshire, England; daughter of Arthur BAKER [F15194] of Aust, Gloucester, England. She married (1) Peter Sherston on 11 Oct 1598. There were three Sherston children baptized between 1600 and 1606. Peter was buried on 13 Aug 1606. She married (2) John CUTTS [F7596] about 1610. According to family tradition, Bridget had 23 children by her two husbands. All 23 children were said to be living at the same time. Six of her Cutt children appear in New England records.

CHILDREN of John CUTTS [F7596] and Bridget BAKER [F7597]: