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Cas The Exile

Cas The Exile
Born between 119BC and 59BC; Son of Heli I. (S1,S5).

a British prince in exile, whose parentage is debatable. (S4).

"Cas" is the first three letters of his name, the rest being lost. The parentage of Cas is unsure, but it is probable that he is the unnamed brother exiled by Lludd II and Nemed II. (S1,S3).

Geoffrey of Monmouth (S5) gives his name as Cassibellaun.

Cas may be the un-named third son of Heli I, who reigned together as co-kings until the expulsion of the 3rd son by his two older bros. The un-named third son may possibly be identified with Cas "The Exile" (S2).

Cas flourished between 200 BC and 175BC, parentage unsure, possibly the un-named brother of Lludd II & Nemed II, or possibly an exiled prince from another British royal house. The spelling of his name is unknown. "Cas[...]" are the first three letters of his name, and the other letters are lost. He may be identified with either: (a) the un-named brother of the British kings Lud [Lludd II] and Nemo [Nemed II] who was expelled by them, which is probably the correct identification and would make him a Brutiad prince; (b) the son of the Gallic prince Noe[...], the son of either Brennus [Bran] or Belgios [Beli], two brothers, the sons of the Gallic king Akichorix (275/225BC), which would mean if this identification was true that Cas[...] was not an exile from Britain, but rather an exile from Gaul which is the reverse of what is generally believed to be the case; or (c) the son of Dua[ch] "The Dark", the last king of the Irish "Tuathe-De", or "Fir-De", i.e., the "People of God", who fell in battle fighting the invading Gaels, about 250BC; and, if this identification was true, then, it would mean that Cas was not a Brutiad prince, but descended from one of the contemporary Irish dynasties. (S1).


CHILDREN of Cas The Exile:
  1. Huw the Mighty. 1st King of the Kymri.



Cas, The Exile.
Huw the Mighty.
Beli I.  
Lugh II, The Shining One md Moru.    
Beli II.
Caswallon ap Beli.
 Beli of Britain.
Afallach ap Beli.
Owain ap Afallach.
Brychwain ap Owain.
Alyfon, King of Siluria.
Anyn ap Alyfon.
Dingad ap Anyn.
Greidol ap Dingad.
Ceraint ap Greidol.
Merion ap Ceraint.
Arch ap Merion.
Caid ibn Arch.
Gwyn ap Caid. 
Ceri Hir Lyngwyn ap Gwyn.
Baran ap Ceri.
Llyr Lleddiarth ap Baran.
Bran Siluria ap Llyr Lleddiarth. (c130BC-72BC).   
Lludd ap Bran.
Afallach ap Lludd ap Bran.
Euddolen ap Afallach.
Eudos ap Euddolen.        
Eifydd ap Eudos.
Euddigan ap Eifydd.
Deheuwant ap Euddigan.
Ryderyrn ap Deheuwant.
Gwrtheyrn ap Rydeyrn.
Cadeyrn ap Gwrtheyrn.
Ryddrech Rhodi ap Caderyn md Margareta verch Eynon
Gloyw Gwallthir ap Rhodi.
Gwidolin ap Gloyw.
Gwidol ap Gwidolin md Dinoi of Lidinin
Vortigern ap Gwidol md Sevira ferch Macsen. 
Cadell ap Caderyn. (c580-?).
Gwnfyw Frych ap Cadell.
Gwynnan ap Gwnfyw Frych.
Gwriawn ap Gwynnan.
Byordderch ap Gwriawn.
Bywyn ap Byordderch.
Gwaeddgar ap Brwyn.
Gwrgant ap Gwaeddgar.
Cadfarch ap Gwrgant. 
Ynyr ap Cadfarch md Rheingar verch Lludocaaf
Tudor Trevor ap Ynyr md Angharad verch Hywel Dda
Dyngad ap Tudor Trevor md Sissely verch Seferws 
Rhiwallon ap Dyngad. 
Caradog ap Rhiwallon. 
Breichioll ap Caradog.  
Pyll ap Breichioll. 
Meurig ap Pyll. 
Caradog ap Meurig. 
Iorwerth ap Caradog Alis verch Bleddyn Broadspear
Adam ap Iorwerth (Adam Gwent) md Goleuddydd verch Hywel
Adam ap Iorwerth (Adam-Fynchan) md (miss) verch Dafydd
John ap Adam md Elizabeth de Gournay
(Sir) Thomas ap Adam md Joan Inge 
John ap Adam md Margaret Bessylls 
John ap Adam md Clara Powell (changed name from Ap Adam to Adams)  
Roger Adams md Jane Ellyott
Thomas Adams md Maria Upton
John Adams md Jane Rannelegh  
John Adams md Catharine Stebbing
John Adams md Margaret Squier  
Richard Adams md Margaret Armager
Robert Adams md Eliabeth Sharlon
Robert Adams md Eleanor Wilmot
Elizabeth Adams md Edward Phelps 
Samuel Phelps md Sarah Chandler
John Phelps md Sarah Andrews
John Phelps md Deborah Lovejoy
Samuel Phelps md Margaret Nevins 
Ebenezer Ferrin md Lydia Phelps
Samuel Ferrin md Sally Clotilda Powell
Lydia Powell Ferrin md George William Washington Williams
George William Williams md Harriett Thurston
Minnie Williams married Clive Vernon Tenney
Mildred Ella Tenney married Glenn Russell Handy
Deborah Lee Handy married Rodney Allen Morris