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Coel Godhebog and Strada the Fair

COEL Godhebog. (Coilus)(Calius I)(Croilus)(Coilus). King of Colchester.
Born (about 232-S5); son of MERIC (Marius-S5)(Merius, Meriug) and Julius/Victoria.
Coel is named as Coel Godhebog, with Godhebog meaning The Protector, or The Magnificent. Coel Godhebog is mention not as King but as dux (chief) of Camelodunum (Colchester).

Coel Godhebog is confused in legend with Coel Hen. Coel Hen appears in early Welsh tradition, with Coel Hen meaning Coel the Old. Coel Hen is named as King, being a leader in Roman or Sub-Roman Britain and the progenitor of several kingly lines in the Hen Ogledd, the Old North, the Brythonic-speaking part of northern England and southern Scotland. Coel Hen is not the same person as Coel Godhebog, and thus is not the father of Saint Helena and the grandfather of Roman Emperor Constantine the Great. Other similarly named characters may alos be confused or conflated with the Welsh Coel. (S2).

Coel Godhebog was said to have been educated in Rome.

He is famout for building Coe-castra, or Colchester, which means Cole's Castle.

He married Strada, the Fair.

In his Historia Anglorum, Henry of Huntingdon mentions that a King Coel of Colchester was the father of Saint Helena and therefore the grandfather of Constantine the Great. The same claim appears in Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Britanniae, in a passage using some of the same words. Henry appears to have written this part of the Historia Anglorum before he knew about Geoffrey's work, leading J. S. P. Tatlock to conclude that Geoffrey borrowed the passage from Henry, rather than the other way around. The source of the claim is unknown, but it may have come from a lost hagiography of Helena. (S2).

Geoffrey's largely fictional Historia Regum Britanniae expands upon Henry's brief mention, listing Coel as a King of the Britons following the reign of King Asclepiodotus. He states that, upset with Asclepiodotus's handling of the Diocletianic Persecution, Coel began a rebellion in the duchy of Caercolun (Colchester), of which he was duke. He met Asclepiodotus in battle and killed him, thus taking the kingship of Britain upon himself. Rome, apparently, was pleased that Britain had a new king and sent a senator, Constantius Chlorus, to negotiate with Coel. Afraid of the Romans, Coel met Constantius and agreed to pay tribute and submit to Roman laws as long as he was allowed to retain the kingship. Constantius agreed to these terms but, one month later, Coel died.(S2).

He died about 305AD. (S5)

Constantius married Coel's daughter, Helena, and crowned himself as Coel's successor. Helen subsequently gave birth to a son who became the Emperor Constantine the Great, giving a British pedigree to the Roman imperial line. (S2).

STRADA, the Fair. (Ystradwel-S7).
Born (in 248 AD)(about 370-S7), in Dumonia, Cornwall, England (S7); daughter of:
* Cadvan and Gladys the Younger. (S6a).
* Cyllin, King of Siluria. (S6b).

She died in 328 AD.

CHILDREN of COEL Godhebogand STRADA the Fair:
  1. HELENA. Geoffrey of Monmouth claimed that Helena was a daughter of British King Coel Godhebog. She was born in Drepanum, Bythnia; which lies on the gulf of Nicomedia in Northern Turkey. She married Flavius Valerius Julius Constantius. She died in 328 or 329 AD.
  2. ATHELDUS (Athilids). She married MARCOMIR IV, King of the Franks.


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HOW ARE WE RELATED-Through daughter Athildus:
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