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Corbet le Normannus

Corbet le Normannus
Born probably about 1020 in Normandy. (S1).

Corbet first appears in the record as the Latin Corbatum who with his two sons Roger and Robert are vassals of Roger de Montgommery in Shropshire in 1071 according to Orderic Vitalis. (S1).

Eyton refers to him as Hugh le Corbeau or le Corbet, Cheavlier of Pays de Casux, Normandy. (S1).

John Burke says that it was "Le Carpentier," in his Histoire du Cambray, [which] gives the surname of Hugh" to Corbet. (S1).

A. E. Corbet, citing the Battle rolls as reported by Leland, Holinshed, and Stowe, refers to him as Hugh Corbet. She insisted that a Hugh Corbet, the alleged head of the Norman family, was present at Hastings together with two of his sons, Roger & Robert. But David Douglas notes that none of the contemporary accounts of the battle make mention of any Corbets. Blakeway questions the naming of the father as Hugh, c. 1040 in Normandy, and the use of Corbet as a surname at so early a date. Surviving documents refer to Corbet and to Roger and Robert as sons of Corbet. (S1).

He died about 1080 in Shropshire, England. (S1).
Cawley states that Corbet died after 1071, that being the last record of him, [18]; Curt Hofemann states that Corbet the Norman, the father of Roger and Robert, appears to have died sometime before the Domesday accounting of lands in 1086, for only his two sons are listed as tenants in Domesday Book. (S1).


CHILDREN of Corbet le Normannus:
  1. Roger Corbet. Settled in Shropshire.
  2. Hugh Corbet. Stayed in Normandy in the senior family domains. Birth estimation for Corbet the father places his birth at 1020, his marriage at 1041, and his children's births after 1041. 1046 appears a reasonable birth estimate. ob. s. p. 1063. Hugo died in Normandy without heirs. But Burke states that "Hugh, the eldest son, was like his father, a knight, and from him descended the Corbets of France." (S1). 01
  3. Renaud Corbet. Stayed in Normandy. Pelham adds that Renaud was kindled with the enthusiasm of the age, and went off to Palestine in 1096, with his two sons, Robert and Guy. Renaud participated in the first Crusade, from which he returned safely. Burke reports that "Renaud, the third son, was the ancestor of the Corbets of Flanders. ob. about1124. (S1).
  4. Robert Corbet. Settled in Shropshire.
  5. Some popular genealogies also show a daughter, Petronell, born, say, 1055, wife of John Burnel. No trustworthy sources have been found for such a daughter. (S1).


Corbet le Normannus
Roger Corbet
William Corbet and Isabel Valletort
Simon Corbet
Robert Corbet and Emma Pantulf
Thomas Corbet and Isabell Valletort
Robert de Stafford and Alice Corbet
Nicholas de Stafford and Alionore Clinton
Edmund de Stafford and Margaret Basset
Ralph de Stafford (1299-?) and  Margaret de Audley (1324-1349)
Hugh Stafford (c1342-1386) and Philippa de Beauchamp (?-1369)
Edmund Stafford (1378-1466) and Anne of Gloucester (1383-1438)
Humphrey Stafford (1402-1460) and Anne Neville (c1404-1480)
Margaret Stafford (1435-?) and Robert Dunham (1430-?)
John Dunham (1450-1524) and Elizabeth Bowett (c1450-?)
John Dunham II (1474-1502) and Jean Thorland (c1475-?)
John Dunham III (1498-1545) and Benedict Folgamsee (c1500-?)
Ralph Dunham (1526-?) and Elizabeth Wentworth (c1536-?) 
Thomas Dunham (1560-?) and Jane Bromley (c1560-?)
John Dunham Sr (c1588-c1699) and Susanna Kenney/Keno (c1588-c1620)
John Dunham Jr (c1620-1692) and Mary (c1620-1698)
Mary Dunham (c1642-1715) and James Hamblin (c1636-1718)
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