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He married Jane, probably in England.(S1).

He married Alies.(S5).

Thomas “came from the English/Scottish border country.”(S6).

He emigrated to Maryland in 1659. (S1).

Land Record Abstracts:
Christopher GARDINER, Annn Arundel County, to Robert LOCKWOOD, Ann Arundel County, 29 Mar. 1688. The original grant was on 18 SEP 1666, to Thos. DABORNE, for "Daborns Hope," in Herring Ck. Swamp, south of South Creek, by line of Wm. ALDRIDGE & Richard TALBOTT...( Abstracts of Land Records, AA, MD, 1662 - 1703).(S2).

Apparently, this property fell within the Herring Creek Hundred. Herring Creek Parish was also called St. James Parish. Herring Creek Hundred basically took in the southern part of Anne Arundel County below West River and Muddy Creek.

In 1672-73, he appeared in the provincial court, and was listed as of Ann Arundel County. (S4).

His will was written 23 October 1680.(S1,S3).

The will states:
To Juleatha Carr, execx., personalty. To John Carr, 1/2 of 550 A., “Daborne's Inheritance,” at his mother's death. To Richard Carr and hrs., 50 A., “Knocker's Hall.” To Alexander Machfarrend and Susan Carr, personalty. Test: Jno. Mayhew, Thos. Parsons, Susan Player. 4. 32.

His will was probated on 31 May 1684. (S1,S3) in Maryland. Thus, he died sometime between October 1680 and May 1684. Probably it was sometime in April or May of 1684.

She married Thomas DABORNE.

CHILDREN of Thomas DABORNE and Jane:
  1. Juliatha DABORNE. Born in (Anne Arundel County, Maryland-S?)(England-S1). She married Walter CARRE.


Thomas Daborne and Jane
Juliatha Daborne and Walter Carre
Susannah Carr and Augustine Hawkings
Juliatha Hawkings and John Spicer
Diana Spicer and Joshua Hall
Thomas Hall and Ann Wheeler
Elizabeth Hall and Jesse Handy
Robert A. Handy and Rosanna Dale
James Marion Handy and Sarah M Stovall
William Joseph Handy and Birdie Alice Pearl Hentze
Glenn Russell Handy and Mildred Ella Tenney
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