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Abraham Dellaware Dale and Winnefred Southern

Abraham Dellaware DALE.
Born (on 3 JUN 1693 in Lancaster County-S1)(about 1690 in Richmond County-S2), Virginia; son of Reuben DALE and Elizabeth SIMMONDS.

He married Winnefred SOUTHERN in 1714 (about 1716-S2) in North Farnham Parish now in Richmond County, Virginia. They lived near the boundary of Richmond and Lancaster County Virginia.

He died on 4 October 1740 in Richmond, Virginia.

Winnefred (Winnifred-S2) SOUTHERN
Born 8 March 1692-1693 in North Farnham, Lancaster County, Virginia; Daughter of Thomas SOUTHERN and Eleanor. She died about 1763.

CHILDREN of Abraham Dellaware Dale and Winnefred Southern