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Isaac M. Dale and Margaret Frazier

Isaac M. DALE.
Born (about 1760)(in 1751-S10)(on 17 June 1751-S3), in North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia; son of Reuben DALE and Hannah PHILLIPS.

He married (1) Eleanor in 1773 in Richmond County, Virginia.

- He is possibly the person listed in the U.S. Revolutionary War Rolls (S9), as:
Name: I. Dale.
Military Place: Virginia
State or Army Served: Continental Troops.
Rank: Private.

Isaac Dale is listed as head of a family in the 1785 Census in Shenandoah County, Virginia. He has six people in the household, and a dwelling house. (S7).

In the 1790 Census he is listed in Fayette County, Kentucky.
He moved in 1797 to Woodford County/Warren County, Kentucky. (S10).

Isaac received a Revoltionary War Kentucky land grant of 200 acres in Barren County, Kentucky near Bens Creek, surveyed on 4 June 1799. (S10,S11). Bens Creek is now part of Metcalfe County . (S10).

An early landmark known to the first settlers was the Big Blue Spring which is located in the northwestern portion of Metcalfe County, near the Barren County line. Two prominent Indian trails crossed at Big Blue Spring. The spring is referred to in most patents of lands for miles around. It was located between the Big and Little Barren Rivers, on the northeastern side of The Barrens. The Barrens was a crescent shaped, woodless region extending from the present areas of Glasgow and Bowling Green, Kentucky. Residents initially avoided the Barrens, but soon discovered that the soil was rich, not thin and poor as originally supposed. It was concluded that it was barren because the Indians periodically burned the land to clear the forest and encourage the growth of vegetation that attracted game. It rised in what is now Metcalfe County, not far from the Big Meadow Church in Barren County, and which is on the public road leading from Edmonton, Metcalfe County to Horse Cave in Hart County, through Hiseville in Barren County. The first settlers, like the Dale's, were on the banks of the creek and adjacent Blue Springs Grove, a 3000 acre woods. (S10).

The Blue Springs Church was constituted in 1799, with 9 memebers, some of whom were Henry Cook, William Ratliff (pastor), Daniel Shirley, Ralph Petty, Richard Skaggs, Isaac Dale, Henry McGee and others. (S10).

Isaac Dale is listed on the 1799 tax list of Barren County, Kentucky with 200 acres on the waters of the Barren. (S13).
In the 1800 tax list his 200 acres are said to be on Ben's Creek. (S2,S11). His son Reuben is listed separately with property in Barren County on this tax list. (S11).

He married (2) Margaret FRAZIER on (18 January 1800-S2)(18 January 1801-S15) in Barren County, Kentucky.

He married (3) Margaret GUNN on 20 October 1808.

He is listed in the 1810 U. S. Federal Census in Barren County, Kentucky (S14):
Name: Isaac Dale.
Home in 1810: Barren, Kentucky.
Free White Persons - Males - 10 thru 15: 2
Free White Persons - Males - 45 and over: 1
Free White Persons - Females - Under 10: 2
Free White Persons - Females - 10 thru 15: 1
Free White Persons - Females - 26 thru 44: 1
Free White Persons - Females - 45 and over: 1
Number of Slaves : 2
Number of Household Members Under 16: 5
Number of Household Members over 25: 3
Number of Household Members: 10

He wrote his will on 19 September 1816. (S6). In this will he records his family members:
My wife, Margaret. My daughters: Anna Dale and Rosanna. All my children: Reuben Dale, Nancy Shirley, Hannah Sherley, William Dale, John Dale, Milley Gore, Elizabeth Sherley, Isaac Dale, Anna Dale, and Rosanna Dalte. My son, Reuben and my friend Isham Hardy. Exe. Witnesses: Presley N. Thomas, George Cook, Thomas Edwards, and Wm. Abbott, Exe..

He died in July 1820 in Barren County, Kentucky. His will was probated in August 1820. (S6).

WIFE (1):
Family Data Collection (S16) says her name is Eleanor Tillman.

She married Isaac DALE in 1773 in Richmond County, Virginia.

CHILDREN of Isaac DALE and Eleanor:

WIFE (2):
Margaret FRAZIER.
According to her marriage year to Isaac, she would have been born possibly about 1780.
The parents of Margaret Frazier have not been determined. Possibilities, from those who lived in Barren County, Kentucky, include:
James FRAZIER, who is on the 1800 tax list in Barren County, Kentucky.
Another possibility is John Frazier, who received a grant of 200 acres on Skeggs Beaver Creek in Barren County, Kentucky on 1 August 1799. see Frazier Families of Barren County, Kentucky.
Note that due to the timing, these could also have been siblings of Margaret.

She married Isaac DALE on 18 January 1800 (1801-S3) in Barren County, Kentucky.

She apparently died between August 1806 (the birth of her last child), and October 1808 (when Isaac remarried).

CHILDREN of Isaac DALE and Margaret FRAZIER:

WIFE (3):
Margaret GUNN.
She married Isaac DALE on 20 October 1808.

Isaac died in July 1820, and Margaret is listed as head of household in the 1820 Census, which was enumerated on 7 August 1820 (S8):
Name: Margaret Dale.
Home in 1820: Barren, Kentucky.
Free White Persons - Females - 16 thru 25: 1
Free White Persons - Females - 45 and over: 1
Slaves - Males - Under 14: 2
Slaves - Males - 26 thru 44: 1
Slaves - Females - 26 thru 44: 1
Number of Persons Engaged in Agriculture: 1
Free White Persons - Over 25: 1
Total Free White Persons: 2
Total Slaves: 4
Total All Persons: 6

The other female in this census whould have been born before 1804, so it appears that Isaac and Margaret Gunn did not have children together.


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